From Value Investing To Growth Investing: Why & How? [Chills 49 with Tee Leng]

“Heads or tails, you still win”. This is the position that our guest Tee Leng aims for in his investing journey: he will always benefit from the market no matter what happens to it. How does he find that investment sweet spot? With more than 10 years of experience as a portfolio manager at Heritage Capital Global Fund, Tee Leng shares his thoughts on how the pandemic contributed to his shift from value investing to growth investing and the current market trends to look out for.

Retail investors will find this episode illuminating as it is filled with useful investing advice. What are some ways to assess the value and risks of a company? What is the difference between a cyclical and secular stock? Why is supply fixed but not demand, and how will that affect the way we invest?


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