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Buying A Property In Singapore: Disbursement of Monies & Other Legal Processes You Must Know [Chills 62 with Hui Yu]

You’ve done your research, looked through several listings and finally, you have found your dream home. Now what? The legal processes of buying a house await you before you can say “home sweet home”. This episode will cover everything you need to know about the legal processes involved in buying a property in Singapore. Get expert advice from our guest, Hui Yu, a legal associate practicing in the field of conveyancing law at Apex Law. Whether you are buying a HDB flat or private property, new launch or resale, we got you covered!

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BREAKING: Budget 2022 – How Does It Affect You? [TFC 131 with Yah Lah BUT…]

It’s Budget season as Singapore’s FY2022 Budget Statement was delivered by the Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Wong on 18 February 2022. What does the government hope to achieve by taxing the top earners? Will the idea of property as an investment tool become a thing of the past as property tax increases? With the upcoming GST hike in 2023, who will be impacted the most? All these questions and more on the Budget will be discussed in this special TFC episode by Chief Financial Coconut Reggie and guests Haresh & Terence from popular local podcast Yah Lah But… (https://spoti.fi/3sSHBsl).

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