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Ep 87: 3 Business Advice for Side Hustlers, Indie Hackers & Small SME Owners

In episode #87, we share 3 business advice for side hustlers. These days, many people want run their own side hustles, be an indie hacker, start a small little business, be a small little boss and what have you not. But the thing is, there are actually a lot of challenges going on within this space. So today, we’ll dive into them and find some ways to manage them. Tune in as we share with you the more relevant risks you should care about. What are some things you need to look out for? What are some typical challenges and mistakes in side hustles? What are some strategies, some core ideas that will aid you?

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Ep 1: Perspectives from Young Kickstarters – Ava & Dylan Soh (One Kind House)

Dylan and Ava, although very young in their teens, have done multiple Ted Talks and run numerous successful kickstarter projects, such as One Kind block and GIY Stick. In this episode, they share how they manage their lives and their perspectives on various aspects of life. They also talk about how education, learning and growth is envision in their family, and how all these has help to shape them to become who they are today.

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