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Must You Share The Same Financial Ideas As Your Partner? [TFC Wise and Shine 14]

There’s always 1 factor that could make or break a relationship. Are you an earner, spender or saver? Everyone has their own set of financial ideas, when getting into a relationship / choosing a partner.

On today’s episode of Wise and Shine, we ask the question “What if your partner doesn’t share the same financial ideas as you?” Would you impose the same financial ideas on them or would you be fine with a completely opposing idea?

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Should I Combine Finances With My Spouse? [Chills 101 With Now Realise]

Managing your money as a single person is easy because you are responsible for yourself only. What happens when you decide to spend the rest of your life with your spouse? Having a joint account (or not), budgeting as a family, understanding each other’s spending habits… these are just some of the many financial considerations to consider as a couple. What if you have a different money mindset from your partner? Does that spell the end of the relationship?

In this episode, we dive into the financial lives of a young married Singaporean couple Jingles and Ying Ying, creators of YouTube channel Now Realise. To them, improving on their financial compatibility is not just about money but to help each other become better people. Be inspired by their honest sharing here!

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You May Have Mastered Wealth Accumulation But What About Passing It Down? [TFC First Dibs 173]

Wealth & assets now come in unconventional forms. While we are all familiar with cash & endowment plans, some of us also own foreign stocks, cryptocurrency, NFTs and other digital assets. Do you know how to pass them down to your next generation? How does tax play a part in wealth transfer? What is the best way to pass down your wealth? This episode will enlighten & challenge your thoughts on wealth management and inheritance.

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Managing Your Finances As A Couple [Chills 19 Sponsored by Providend]

Finding your better half and planning for your big day with your partner… these are indeed some of the most wonderful moments in life. When a couple decides to spend the rest of their lives together, what are some factors to consider when it comes to managing their finances? Chin Yu & Yong Cheng share more in this episode from a special TFC Chills series brought to you by Providend, Singapore’s first fee-only wealth advisory firm. 

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