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Applying For A BTO: A Funny Story [Chills 66 with Dan & Lydia]

Hello! If you are reading this description right now, we assume you have an interest in personal finance. Other than The Financial Coconut (TFC), did you know that we also have other shows in the TFC ecosystem that cover different aspects of personal finance? One of them is Coconut Avenue which focuses on property in Singapore and in this special Chills episode, you will get to listen to Season 2, Episode 1 of Coconut Avenue!

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HDB’s PLH Measures & How It May Affect You [TFC 114]

Last week, HDB announced the new Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) Model which was met with both praise and criticism from many Singaporeans. What does the PLH model encompass? What does it mean for prospective home buyers and investors? Even if you have no intention of buying a flat in a prime location, we think this PLH model may affect you too! Find out how in TFC 114. 

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