Using REITs In Retirement Planning And More

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) have always been a popular investment choice among many retail investors. How do we incorporate REITs in our retirement planning as well? Can REITs be part of our Covid-19 recovery play? What are some ways to evaluate REITs and what are some global REITs to look out for? Explore the world of REITs with Kenny Loh, REIT specialist and independent financial advisor in this week’s Chills with TFC!

With his wealth of knowledge on REITs & retirement planning, Kenny is definitely the right person to discuss REITS in the local context. He shares how REITs can go hand in hand with the CPF structure, which REITs (both local & global) to look out for in the current pandemic era, the difference between core & satellite portfolio and many more. If you have always been interested in REITs, this is an episode you should not miss. 

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