Should you be friends with your boss? Are You Making A Mistake?

Are you friends with your boss? Should you be friends with them?
This question stems from the ongoing discussions surrounding the relationship between employers and employees, particularly in light of the generational differences and evolving workplace dynamics. Discover the potential pitfalls and benefits of befriending your boss in this thought-provoking podcast discussion.

Joined by Financial influencers Dawn, SGBudgetBabe, and Eric from Eric Goes Global, the podcast delves into the complexities of befriending one’s boss and the potential implications it may have on both personal and professional spheres.

What you can expect in the podcast:
1. Defining the Boss-Employee Relationship
2. The Importance of Boundaries
3. Unspoken Rules and Expectations
4. Friendship as a Catalyst for Opportunities
5. The Power of Networking

When it comes to defining a boss, we agreed that it typically refers to one’s direct manager or immediate management. Depending on the organisation’s size, it may also include individuals two or three tiers above the employee. However, the conversation primarily focused on the immediate management level.

While it’s generally accepted to be friendly with one’s boss, the consensus among the participants was that being actual friends with your boss might not be ideal. Reggie expressed his perspective, stating, “I don’t think it’s great to be friends with your boss.” He believes that maintaining a clear line between friendship and the employer-employee relationship is crucial to avoid potential complications. By establishing boundaries, expectations can be managed effectively, minimising misunderstandings and preserving professionalism.

The discussion touched upon the existence of expectations in any employer-employee relationship. Eric astutely pointed out that expectations are present regardless of friendship, suggesting that the challenge lies in navigating the blurred lines when an employee and boss become friends. He emphasized the need for open communication to determine each person’s definition of friendship to align expectations and prevent potential conflicts.

While we acknowledged the potential benefits of a good relationship with one’s boss, it is cautioned against overvaluing friendship as a means to gain professional advantages. Eric highlighted the importance of skills and competence, stating, “I can be friends with Reggie, but it doesn’t mean I’m the best financial advisor to Reggie.” They also discussed the positive effects of a strong relationship with a boss, such as potential career opportunities and better compensation when transitioning to new roles.

Building on the topic of opportunities, we emphasised the significance of networking and the potential impact it can have on an individual’s career. They shared examples of how maintaining good relationships with former bosses can lead to better job prospects, as those bosses may consider and advocate for their former employees when new opportunities arise. This highlights the value of professionalism and maintaining positive connections throughout one’s career.

In the realm of the boss-employee relationship, the question of befriending one’s boss remains complex. While being friendly and maintaining a positive rapport is essential, establishing clear boundaries between friendship and professionalism is crucial. Understanding and aligning expectations can help navigate the potential challenges and ensure a harmonious workplace dynamic. Ultimately, it is up to individuals to find the right balance that works for them in their unique professional circumstances.

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