Hustle Smarter, Not Harder: Side Hustle Hacks for Success

What drives people to embrace side hustles?

We welcome a panel of multi-passionate entrepreneurs exploring how side hustles can sustain ambitions today.
Kicking off with Daniel Peters, a radio DJ, editor and journalist. Clarissa from leather goods brand TowTow then outlined crafting a business from craft. Completing the panel was Sarah from finance duo The Weeblings.

A little more about our panel and their side hustles:

Daniel’s Multi-Faceted Side Hustle:
Daniel, a multi-talented individual, shared his journey as a content strategist, radio DJ, and named as 30 young Singaporeans to watch. He emphasized the importance of exploring different avenues and expanding one’s skill set. He stated, “Having a side hustle is all about expanding your skill sets and learning new things about yourself as a professional.” Daniel’s side hustles have not only provided financial benefits but also gratifying experiences in terms of self-discovery.

Sarah’s Viral TikTok Side Hustle:
Sarah, one-half of the Weeblings duo, revealed how their side hustle began unexpectedly. After trying various entrepreneurial ventures, they struck gold when a video they posted on TikTok went viral. The Weeblings’ platform focuses on finance, investing, trading, and their journey to a million dollars. Despite their growing success, Sarah considers their side hustle as one of their main hustles, exemplifying the blurred line between traditional and non-traditional work.

Clarissa’s Artistic Side Hustle:
Clarissa, co-founder of TowTow, discussed her passion for crafting leather bags. She explained how their side hustle began as a nighttime exploration, combining analog leather crafts with digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing. While Clarissa dreams of turning TowTow into a full-time venture, she acknowledges the uncertainty that comes with building a business. Nevertheless, her dedication to the craft and aspirations for the future drive her side hustle.

The Evolution of Side Hustles
Can your main jobs inspire your side hustles?
Clarissa shared how TowTow emerged from experimenting at her day job as a maker. “We started collaborating, and it became part of our side hustling.” Peters similarly kept skills sharp outside 9-5 roles. “I pick up abilities along the way applicable in different situations,” he explained. From culture writing to video production to branded content, side jobs let him learn. “It’s gratifying expanding your skillsets and seeing yourself professionally.”

3 Tips To Start a Side Hustle Sustainably
1. Ensure your passion project leverages your skills and interests so it’s an natural extension of who you are professionally.
2. Maintain balance with your “main” job and personal life. Don’t buy into a grind mentality that leads to burnout.
3. Consider your motivations – are you pursuing impact over finances currently? Know when it’s the right time to make your passion your full-time pursuit.

The guests also shared their perspectives on the significance of hustling in today’s society. Daniel expressed his reservations about the dog-eat-dog nature often associated with hustle culture. He emphasized the importance of building a stable and comfortable life, surrounded by supportive friends, rather than solely focusing on accumulating wealth. Sara echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the gratification derived from learning, collaborating, and creating something meaningful. While some evangelize grinding constantly, the panel agreed balance was key. “Not everyone proposes you work yourself obsessively for wealth accumulation,” noted Reggie. 

As the world of work continues to evolve, side hustles offer individuals the opportunity to explore their passions, create new avenues for income, and find fulfillment beyond traditional career paths. 

You can check their full interview on Chills, Episode 150 on Spotify, Youtube, or Apple podcast for the candid sharing of triumphs and lessons learned, this diverse panel proved passion projects can fuel personal and professional growth when embarked on for the right reasons. Tune in to find out when a sideline become a passion worth making a living from as the speakers refined their reasoning, listeners gained insight into valuing skills, maintaining wellbeing, and scaling hustles sustainably by staying true to their motivations.

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