Pro Insights on Brand Building, Profit Tactics and Growth Hacks 

In the world of luxury and opulence, the e-commerce landscape is constantly evolving. Today, we delve into a fascinating conversation on how to start your own E-commerce business with 2 interesting business owners, Chanel from Tasty Toastys and Thomas from Steady Compounding, who gave us pro insights to Brand building, Profit Tactics and Growth.

Abit about our guests and their expertise:
Chanel – Founder of Tasty Toastys, started off as an NFT project that has now expanded into a retail brand. A pro-tip from her is on the importance of embracing both digital and physical expressions to create a compelling story. Chanel’s plush toys and lifestyle goods serve as physical expressions that generate attachment and familiarity among customers.

Thomas, the founder of Steady Compounding, brings with him expertise in breaking down businesses and stocks. While his business is entirely digital, he emphasises the significance of direct distribution to customers. Thomas monetizes his platform through research subscriptions, courses, and sponsorships.

So, what are the challenges when it running an e-commerce?
Hurdles with payment as well as having international audiences definitely posed unique challenges. They both, agreed that in order to push through, aside from building trust and demonstrating value – which should be a must in your business building book, one should also aim to minimise chargebacks for its continuity.

Some tips we obtained from our guests to help fellow readers:
1.  Build a marketing funnel and leveraging it for sales
2. Build your brand
3. Showcase and provide value
4. Minimise clicks; especially so in the e-commerce space
5. You’ll also definitely need a compelling selling strategy which could be in the form of social media and content creating

You will definitely want to check out their full interview on Spotify, Youtube, Apple podcast.
Their invaluable insights into strategies they employ and how they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of payments, paywalls, digitalisation and branding is a must listen for everyone curious about the compelling content creation, Entrepreneur or E-commerce space.

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