Salary Liberation: How to Rise Above the Last Paycheck Stigma

Are you tired of being judged by your last salary? In many Asian countries and companies, disclosing your previous salary is a common and frustrating practice. However, it’s time to take a stand and refuse to disclose this information. While it may not always be practical, there are tactics you can employ to avoid being undervalued, such as omitting your address on your resume and avoiding desperation during negotiations.

Join us as we explore tactics to avoid undervaluation and tips for negotiation. We’ll discuss the importance of transparency in salary ranges and the need to challenge discriminatory practices.

Together, we can create a future where salaries are based on merit.

Tune in to our podcast and unleash your salary potential. It’s time to break free from the last paycheck chain and pave the way for a fairer, more equitable future.

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