Is Higher REIT Yield Better? [TFC 137]

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) is a popular investment tool among many investors but how much do you know about how these REITs “increase their yield”? Why is it that the yield can go from a low 2% to a staggering 50%? Does a higher yield mean we should buy this particular REIT? Reggie breaks down the concept of REIT yield in this episode and some factors you should look out for when picking REITs for your portfolio.

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Protect Yourself This Year With Singapore REITs [SGO 30 with Willie Keng]

We have been banging the drum about getting more defensive in this macro climate and in this episode, we are going to dive deep into one way we can do that: dividend investing and REITs! We will explore why we may want to do it, why the Singapore market is suited for it and what we should & shouldn’t look out for when picking REITs. Our guest today is Willie Keng who is a certified CFA and has worked as an investment advisor before. He currently runs Dividend Titan which aims to build a strong, sustainable portfolio & obtain a passive income stream to sustain retirement.

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Ep 49: Singapore Internet Property Strategies Demystified (with Maureen Li)

In episode #49, we are joined by Maureen Li from Abiel real estate investment to breakdown all the "Internet property myths" paddled out there today. Can you really own a property with no money down? Or sell 1 HDB for 2 Condos? Is HDB a real property? Listen to what a property investor think about these strategies and get a hold of some ideas for your own property game plan! We know deep down, you really want to own your first property!