Retirement Real Talk: Is CPF a reliable partner for all Singaporeans? [ft. IPS, Pergas, Providend]

Exploring Retirement Concerns and CPF Shielding: Insights from Financial Experts on the evolving landscape of retirement and shed light on the controversial CPF shielding policy:

Singaporeans have been buzzing about the recent changes to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) system, which aims to ensure basic retirement needs are met. To discuss these issues further, financial experts joins us for an insightful podcast.

Guest Panel:

The panel comprised of three distinguished experts:

1. Christopher Tan – CEO of Providend, a fee-only wealth advisory firm.
2. Dr Shamsiah – CEO of Pergas Investment Holdings, specializing in Sharia-compliant financial advisory.
3. Christopher Gee – Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies, focusing on the economic life cycle and retirement adequacy.

Key points discussed:

• The evolving landscape of retirement: The changing aspirations of the younger generation and rising costs have contributed to growing concerns about retirement adequacy.
• CPF shielding policy: The recent changes in the CPF system, particularly the closure of the special account and transfer of funds to the retirement account, aim to align with the primary objective of ensuring basic retirement needs for Singaporeans.
• Sustainability and fairness: The policy change addresses concerns related to the sustainability of the CPF system and aims to protect retirement savings while maintaining fairness among CPF account holders.

Retirement Concerns and CPF Shielding:

Christopher Tan highlighted the changing aspirations of the younger generation, rising costs, and a general sense of anxiety surrounding retirement. Christopher Gee further emphasised the need for solutions to address these concerns and ensure retirement adequacy.

Addressing the concept of CPF shielding, Dr Shamsiah explained that the Muslim community, due to religious beliefs, refrains from taking insurance. However, she acknowledged the importance of some form of protection and advised considering options like medical insurance. Regarding investment, Dr Shamsiah emphasised that the Islamic view does not allow certain types of investments, but she acknowledged the need for careful consideration on this matter.

Recent changes in the CPF structure, particularly the CPF shielding policy

Christopher Tan explained that the previous practice allowed individuals to prevent their special account (SA) money from being transferred to their retirement account (RA) upon turning 55. This was done by investing the SA funds before the 55th birthday and subsequently selling the investments to retain the 4% interest rate and liquidity. However, the government recognized this as a loophole and decided to close the SA and transfer any remaining funds to the ordinary account (OA) at a lower interest rate of 2.5%.

While some individuals expressed discontentment with the policy, Christopher Tan argued that the primary objective of the CPF system is to ensure the basic retirement needs of Singaporeans, particularly those from lower to middle-income households. He stressed the importance of returning to this objective and addressing the sustainability of the CPF system.

Christopher Gee further highlighted the fairness aspect of the policy, emphasising that it aims to protect retirement savings and maintain the integrity of the retirement account. He drew attention to the risks associated with keeping the funds in a liquid bucket, as it exposes individuals to market volatility and potential erosion of retirement savings.

In summary – while changes cause short-term angst, experts see CPF reforms as sustainably meeting Singaporeans’ retirement needs for decades to come. Thinking long-term and prioritizing compatible assets for one’s goals and risk tolerance remains key. The discussion offers invaluable expertise for navigating this financial landscape.

You can check their full interview on TFC’s Alternative Budget Debate on Spotify, YouTube, Google podcast or Apple podcast for the evolving challenges and concerns surrounding retirement planning, particularly in the context of the CPF system and the recent CPF shielding policy. The panelists’ insights provided a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the policy change and the need to ensure retirement adequacy for all Singaporeans. As retirement planning continues to be a pressing issue, further exploration and dialogue are crucial in developing effective solutions that cater to the diverse needs of individuals in Singapore

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