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“Sustainable Renovation” is smart budgeting for tomorrow! [Chills 111 ft Solar AI, Tingkat & Gush]

Sustainability has become a fashionable idea, everything seems to need to be aligned with it, and sometimes it feels a little much. But did you realize that the wet market is already a very sustainable system? Where is the packaging? So it seems, maybe being sustainable is not always about moving forward and embracing new ideas but looking back and wondering, is there a way to live well without hurting our planet?

Today we focus on renovation. A big step forward for young couples in Singapore. While many are renovating, the 2 extremes are “this is my home, we must use the best” and “we just spent a lot on the home, maybe we want to avoid a renovation loan?”But is there a sweet spot between the 2 extremes that lets us live comfortably, sustainably and cost-friendly?

Joining us today are Start-up founders, Bolong Chew from Solar AI, Lester Leong from “the very expensive paint company” GUSH and Corporate Sustainability Advisor Pamela from Tingkats.sg!

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A Green Energy Company With Both Growth & Dividends? Check out NextEra Energy Partners $NEE [SGO 34 Sponsored By ProsperUs]

A growth AND dividend stock? Sounds too good to be true but yes, this company is a stable income stock that has a large & consistent growth potential. It is none other than NextEra Energy Partners, a yieldco backed by NextEra Energy, one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world. Could this be your foray into the green economy?

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ESG Investing: Win-Win Method? [Chills 23 with Endowus]

Many millennials nowadays are starting to pay more attention to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and this phenomenon has given rise to a new form of investing known as ESG investing. What are the factors one should consider in ESG investing and how can investors make sure that they do well in the market while doing good in the world at the same time? Discover the world of ESG investing in this week’s episode of Chills with TFC as Samuel from Endowus tells us more!

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