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S$900 000 In Debt: From Financial Mistakes To Recovery [Chills 44.2 with Adrian]

“Would you prefer to be in a lot of debt but have two cars or would you prefer to have just a bicycle but be financially free?” This is what Adrian challenges us to think about in Part Two of his debt story as he shares how his family went through this difficult period with him, interesting strategies he used to stop himself from buying ‘shiny new things’ and the valuable lessons he learnt about money & personal finance.

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S$900 000 In Debt: A Story Of Financial Mistakes [Chills 44.1 with Adrian]

Can you imagine having a debt of almost a million dollars? That was what Adrian, a serial entrepreneur and father of four experienced at one point in his entrepreneurial journey. He shares his raw and honest story in this week’s Chills with TFC. This is Part One of Adrian’s story as he explains what got him into this predicament, how it affected his life & the lives of his loved ones and the initial steps he took to get out of debt which included counselling a local organisation and some debt financing strategies that he learnt along the way.

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