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3 CPF MediSave Hacks You Must Know [TFC First Dibs 174]

We’ve talked a lot about optimizing CPF accounts and the popular 1M65 movement but not much has been said about the CPF MediSave Account. In this episode, we reveal 3 MediSave hacks to help you mitigate your finances when it comes to medical needs. After all, health is wealth!

Note: The Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) mentioned in this episode is currently $66 000 and it will continue to increase over the years. Do refer to the CPF website for the most updated information!

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3 Ways To Optimize Your CPF Accounts [TFC 104]

CPF is an acronym that every working adult in Singapore knows but not many are familiar with its inner workings. Other than 37% of your monthly income as the mandatory CPF contribution, did you know that there are other ways to optimize your CPF accounts even further? TFC 104 explores 3 ways on how you can make your money in CPF work for you!