Is Work a Place to Put on a Show or Be Our True Authentic Selves? [W&S46 ft. Chris @HoneyMoneySG]

We delve into a thought-provoking topic that’s been making waves in the workplace: Should you bring your whole self to work?
Join hosts Reggie, Eric Fung, and SG Budget Big Don as they explore different perspectives and share their own take on the matter. They’ll be joined by two special guests, making this episode an absolute treat.

Is it better to be authentic and open in the workplace, or should personal and professional lives be kept separate?

Our hosts navigate this question, discussing the importance of comfort and performance, the challenges of blending corporate and family structures, and the science behind how we naturally segment ourselves.

They also explore the delicate balance between fitting in and standing out, the role of managers in respecting boundaries, and the power dynamics that influence the level of comfort individuals feel in bringing their whole selves to the office.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and perspectives on this intriguing topic. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this episode promises to shed light on the complexities of being true to yourself while thriving in a professional setting. Don’t miss it!