How to make money selling on TikTok [Chills 167 ft. Benew & SGBudgetDeals]

How to breakthrough in the competitive world of TikTok shopping

Reggie and co-host Chanel, creator of Tasty Toasties, sat down with seasoned TikTok Shop sellers to uncover the strategies and tactics that have propelled them to success. With their diverse experiences and perspectives, the panelists shed light on the transformative power of TikTok Shop and shared valuable insights on how to succeed in this emerging space.

Meet the Guests: Aqilah, founder of BeNew, a body care brand specialising in sugar scrubs and body butters Sachin, Founder of SGBudgetDeals known for its popular laundry pots

The Power of TikTok Shop:

The panelists unanimously agreed that TikTok Shop has revolutionised the way they conduct business. Chanel highlighted the ease of the checkout process, which significantly improved conversion rates. She mentioned that after joining TikTok Shop, her sales skyrocketed, reaching an impressive 5,000+ bottles per unit. Aqilah echoed this sentiment, emphasising that TikTok Live selling offered a seamless shopping experience for customers, resulting in a threefold increase in sales compared to traditional methods.

The Rise of TikTok Shop: A Game-Changer for E-Commerce

On the meteoric rise of TikTok Shop, a platform that has revolutionised the way businesses reach and engage with customers. Guests shared their experiences of joining the platform and the significant impact it has had on their sales.

“TikTok live selling was a coincidence for me at first,” said Aqilah. “But it quickly became clear that the checkout process was so much easier, leading to triple fold increases in sales.”

What do you need when starting TikTok selling

Aqilah said “Be confident in your product and share its benefits emotionally.” Sachin added conversion rates increased “triple-fold” once TikTok’s easy checkout launched in Singapore.

The Power of Personality and Engagement

According to the guests, building a strong connection with viewers is crucial for success on TikTok Shop.

“Be confident in what you’re selling and share the benefits and unique features of your products,” advised Chanel. “People on TikTok have an impulsive bias, so if you can convince them emotionally or relate to them, they’re more likely to buy.”

Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace

With an increasing number of sellers joining TikTok Shop, it’s essential to differentiate yourself from the competition.

“You need to do something unique and interact with your audience,” said Sachin. “Share your opinions, personal stories, or anything that makes your stream more engaging and memorable.”

Individual journeys towards success on TikTok Shop

Chanel revealed that she was an early adopter of TikTok Live selling before it was officially introduced in Singapore. Initially, customers had to go through her LinkedIn bio to make a purchase, which involved multiple steps and a convoluted checkout process. However, with the advent of TikTok Shop, the process became much simpler, leading to a significant boost in sales.

Aqilah shared her experience of joining TikTok Shop after already establishing her brand on other platforms. Initially hesitant due to the additional effort required for live streaming, she eventually realised the immense benefits of engaging with customers directly through TikTok Live. The support provided by TikTok in the early stages of her journey also played a crucial role in her brand’s growth.

The panelists acknowledged that their product offerings and goals varied, resulting in different approaches to TikTok Shop. While Chanel and Aqilah found tremendous success in live selling consumable products, Sachin recognised the limitations of his non-consumable items. However, he acknowledged the confidence boost that TikTok Live selling provided and the positive impact it had on revenue generation.

Pro Tips for Driving Traffic

The guests shared several pro tips for driving more traffic to their live streams:

  • Encourage viewers to like and gift your stream. This helps the algorithm push your live stream to a wider audience.
  • Use the “Treasure Box” feature. This virtual gift allows viewers to claim coins and send you gifts in return.
  • Go live when you have a video that is performing well. TikTok often sends notifications when a video is doing well, prompting you to go live.

Choosing the Right Products to Sell

When selecting products to sell on TikTok Shop, it’s important to consider factors such as:

  • Perishable items: Products that people will come back for more, such as food and beverages, tend to perform well.
  • Food licensing: Food products require licensing, but exceptions can be made for small-scale sellers.
  • Reselling vs. creating your own products: Reselling popular brands is easier for beginners, while creating your own products offers more potential for success but requires more investment and testing.

Tips to succeed at TikTok selling:

Test Your Products Thoroughly As a product creator, Aqilah warned to “spend more on samples before mass producing.” She once had faulty batches due to manufacturer issues. “Ensure samples are perfect before bulk orders,” she advised new entrepreneurs.

Feed Off Viral Hits Chanel looks for viral potential, like her laundry pots. “Make it constantly visible and people think it’s already viral,” she revealed. Aqilah added to source “locally supplied viral products” for fast tracking success.

Master Traffic Driving Tactics Chanel shares how to boost live view counts using likes, gifts and TikTok’s “treasure box.” She gets up to 10 coins distributed randomly, allowing viewers to send gifts. Staying top of mind increases discovery.

Start With Reselling For beginners, Sachin recommends “reselling popular pre-marketed brands.” This minimises marketing work. Just focus on lively product advocacy on streams. But beware supply chain hassles from overseas sources.

Optimise Your Account Accounts with long performance history gain more viewers automatically through TikTok algorithms. But newbies scared of low counts can drive traffic from viral videos by going live immediately, capitalising on that momentum.

Reggie emphasising the importance of exploring alternative sources of income beyond traditional white-collar jobs. The panelists’ success stories on TikTok Shop served as inspiration for listeners seeking new avenues for financial growth. TikTok Shop offers a unique platform for individuals to showcase their products, engage with a vast audience, and potentially achieve financial independence.


The guests emphasised that success on TikTok Shop requires a combination of strategy, authenticity, and a willingness to experiment. By following their advice and embracing the unique features of the platform, aspiring sellers can unlock the potential of this powerful e-commerce tool.

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