Personal finance can be chill, clear and sustainable.

And it all starts with having better conversations.

About the Financial Coconut

The Financial Coconut is Singapore’s First Financial Literacy Podcast. In our Podcast, we will be debunking financial myths, discovering the best financial practices, discussing financial strategies that fit your unique life.
Singapore's first financial literacy podcast. The Financial Coconut

Say goodbye to boring finance

Learning about personal finance and investing can be dry, time-consuming and draining, we know. That’s why we make bitesize podcast episodes on personal finance – relatable and applicable ones.

So you can learn the best financial practices and strategies even when you are on your way to work or in the shower.

New Episodes Weekly

Every Tuesday and Thursday @ 8am

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Connect With the community

Unsure about making a financial decision? Learning new finance concepts? Discuss with the community on our telegram group to get better perspectives. This way, you can learn from the experiences of others and make better financial decisions.