The Yen Is Dead. Does This Mean We Should Go To Japan Now? [Chills 76 with Li Xing]

Japan has been a very popular tourist destination for many reasons and we bet you won’t be able to guess this particular reason to go to Japan: the Japanese Yen has crashed. In fact, at the time of publishing, the Yen has reached its all-time low in 24 years.

How did this happen to a first world country like Japan? What were the factors that contributed to the weakening of the Japanese Yen? How does this affect us and should we even care about it?

To enlighten us on this unusual situation, we have Li Xing, a FX strategist from Zeta Labs! Her work focuses on currency research and FX strategies so you will definitely gain a better understanding of what’s happening to the Japanese Yen in this episode.


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Coming soonJapan has been a very popular tourist destination for many reasons and we bet you won’t be able to guess this particular reason to go to Japan

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