Established In 2020

We are a group of nuts who are on a mission to make personal finance and investing more accessible, engaging and fun for everyone. We believe that financial literacy is not only a skill, but also a mindset and a lifestyle that can help you achieve your goals and dreams. That’s why we created this platform to share our insights, experiences and opinions on topics ranging from budgeting and saving to stocks and cryptocurrencies.

We also feature weekly podcasts where we debunk financial myths, discover the best financial & personal practices, and discuss strategies that fit your unique life. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, we hope to inspire you to make smarter financial decisions and grow your wealth.

Join us as we crack open the secrets of the financial world and have some fun along the way! 🥥

Our Chief Financial Coconut

Reggie – with a passion and desire to question, challenge and create has perfumed everything he does which lead to the birth of The Financial Coconut Podcast Network. He is the Host on Singapore’s No.1 Personal Finance Podcast, The Financial Coconut, drawing from his range of experiences from dropping out of school, recovering from an episode of being labelled a financial scam artist, starting various companies and startups, and investing in the stock market; he creates content which portrays that inner world of dynamic experiences.

At his very core, Reggie believes in ‘Living life to the fullest,’ where experiencing the multifaceted ways of life with a tinge of humour to get us by is the base of a beautiful life.

To him, there isn’t an intrinsic right or wrong, ultimately is about finding the flower you can love before finding the next one down the street and admiring them all as they should.

Our Chief is a strong proponent of mental health on top of personal finance and sees personal finance as an extension of life, where we use money to interact with the world.

Hence, raising the awareness of how we spend, how external influences affect the self and focusing on “creating a life you love, while managing your finances well” are center to his ideas and ways of life.

Faces of our show

Meet Our Hosts

Alan Tan

Boardgame enthusiast and certified Leadership Coach, Alan brings with him transformational skills with people and injects it into TFC’s first Mandarin podcast 《理财哦椰!》as its co-host!

Anthony Ong

A retail investor who crossed the million dollar mark in his early 30s – Anthony shares his tips for success & coaches others on market and business analysis

Dawn Cher

Singapore’s largest female Finfluencer and Founder of SG Budget Babe; Dawn also runs an online academy and shares financial savvy know-how around savings, family money, property, investing, and insurance.

Rakaesh Vijayan

Besides being an amateur investor, Rakaesh is a Sales Team Lead & Waffle Master 🧇 at Hubspot. Being a certified barista ☕, Rakaesh believes you can conquer the world with coffee and waffles. Challenge him to Fifa, we dare you !

Yu Chen Sian

Wellness Coach, Physical Therapist, Trainer & Speaker. Sian aims to help people sync up their mind & body to the lives they want to live. A Taiwanese with Malaysian upbringing, living in Singapore, he instills fun & laughter from cross cultural sparks in TFC’s first ever Mandarin podcast 《理财哦椰!》


Our Specialty – Our Magic!

Our Top Podcast Shows

With more than 1 million downloads, we have touched many lives through these series.

chill with tfc
chill with tfc
chill with tfc

Join our Coco-Community

Unsure about making a financial decision? Learning new finance concepts? Discuss with the community on our telegram group to get better perspectives. This way, you can learn from the experiences of others and make better financial decisions.

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