Unconventional Wedding Lessons For Building A Strong Financial Future Together [Chills 177 ft Abandoned Singapore & Urban Farm]

The Case for Alternative, Non-Traditional Weddings

We explore the rising trend of non-traditional, alternative weddings with a panel of guests who shared their unique experiences. The conversation provided a refreshing perspective on the social pressures and financial burdens associated with conventional weddings, and offered listeners insights into creative and cost-effective alternatives.

Guest includes Christopher, a farmer and advocate for sustainable living, as well as Amanda and Stanley, two bankers who moonlight as urban explorers running the Instagram page “Abandon Singapore.” With their diverse backgrounds and occupations, the guests brought a wealth of perspectives to the discussion.

Singaporeans feel around conventional weddings – from the exorbitant costs to societal expectations. He expressed concern that weddings have become overly commercialised and transactional, stripping them of meaning and personal significance.

Christopher then shared details about his unique “farm-ival” wedding, which embraced a casual, rustic vibe with activities, farm-fresh food, and an emphasis on community involvement. “The idea was to create almost like a carnival experience where people will come in, you’ll have activities to do… and you’ll be like friend sauce,” he explained.

Rather than feeling exploited by requests for monetary gifts, as is common at hotel banquet weddings, Reggie recounted how Christopher’s wedding fostered a sense of camaraderie. Guests volunteered and worked together to set up the event, forming connections before the ceremony even started. Christopher also highlighted the personalized touches, like serving alligator ribs and crickets prepared by a renowned chef.

Amanda and Stanley then took the spotlight, describing their wedding held in an abandoned oil refinery – a fitting backdrop given their passion for urban exploration. Despite initial skepticism from venue operators about hosting a wedding in such an unconventional space, the couple embraced the raw, industrial setting, playing heavy metal music and encouraging guests to dress in gothic attire.

“It shouldn’t be about other people,” Amanda asserted. “It should be about what we like. So if we like this music, you know, maybe it might not be what they like, but you know, it’s our wedding, it’s our special day. So why should we care?”

Throughout the lively discussion, several key themes emerged:

The Pitfalls of Conventional Weddings

  • Exorbitant costs (some weddings costing over $240,000)
  • Pressure to conform to societal norms and expectations
  • Impersonal, cookie-cutter experiences at hotels and banquet halls
  • Couples feeling stressed, impatient, and eager to “get it over with”

The Appeal of Alternative Weddings

  • Personalised experiences that reflect the couple’s interests and values
  • Opportunities for personal expression and creativity
  • Cost-effective solutions that avoid excessive spending
  • A sense of community involvement and meaningful connections

As the conversation drew to a close, Reggie and his guests encouraged listeners to rethink traditional wedding norms and embrace alternatives that align with their lifestyles and budgets. By prioritising personal fulfillment over societal pressures, couples can create truly memorable celebrations that capture the essence of their relationships.

For those seeking inspiration, Amanda and Stanley even jokingly proposed starting a wedding agency specializing in “kiki kuai kuai” (abandoned) venues – a testament to the growing demand for unique, off-the-beaten-path nuptials. 

Also check out their wedding photos here:


You can check their full interview on Chills with TFC, Episode 177 on Spotify, YouTube, Apple podcast for a refreshing reminder that couples can – and should – celebrate their love in ways that resonate with them. As Christopher aptly stated, “f it’s your wedding, make that day about yourself.”

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