Nail Your First 100 Days as a New Manager especially Managing your Ex peers [W&S 83 ft Nina Devouge]

From Newbie to Leader: Mastering the 100-Day Plan with Nina

Leadership coach Nina shared her insights on navigating the critical first 100 days for new managers. Nina brought her 20 years of experience in talent development to decode the path to becoming a thriving team leader.

The Crucial First 30 Days: Listen and Observe

According to Nina, the first 30 days are all about listening and observing. “Your job is to talk to as many people as possible, listen and observe. What would they be talking to these people about? To discover their own strengths and weaknesses or other topics?”

She outlined a strategic approach:

  1. Meet with your manager to reset expectations and objectives.
  2. Understand your team – their drivers, pain points, and what’s preventing their success.
  3. Engage with cross-functional partners to identify what’s working, what’s not, and areas for improvement.
  4. Build relationships and trust, which will make the job easier over time.
  5. Nina shared a valuable tip from a peer: “Ask who are three other people that you trust in the organization, and then your network grows exponentially because you start to understand the intricacies – who you need to befriend to get things done, who might be your biggest blocker, and who will be your biggest advocate.”

The 30-60 Day Shift: StrategiSe and Test Assumptions

In the next 30 days, Nina advises shifting gears. “Now you’re starting to form a plan and strategize – how do we move forward from here? Are the current processes set in stone or can we test some assumptions?”

This phase involves:

  • Forming a big-picture view of what needs to change, continue, or start fresh.
  • Challenging assumptions through experimentation and seeking feedback loops.
  • Maintaining humility and a hunger for the truth throughout the process.

The Final 30 Days: Implement and Refine

The last 30 days focus on implementation and refinement. “We’ve started to test some assumptions. How do we listen for the feedback? How do we make sure that everything we’re implementing has a feedback loop, follow-up, and follow-through?”

Nina emphasised the importance of this final stage, “The main thread throughout is being very humble and very hungry for the truth.”

Self-Awareness: The First Step

Before diving into the 100-day plan, Nina underscored the criticality of self-awareness for new managers. “Developing self-awareness of what you’re capable of is key. Your success is no longer just your own – it’s based on your team’s success.”

She advised prospective managers to honestly assess if they’re ready to transition from being a top individual contributor to empowering and developing a team. “If you love the thrill of the chase so much and you’re not willing to give that up, then maybe you shouldn’t be a manager yet.”

Invest in Your Growth

For those without formal manager training from their companies, Nina stressed the importance of self-investment. “The amount of money I’ve spent investing in myself in the last two decades is exponential when it comes to return on investment over time.”

She recommended exploring:

  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Networking opportunities
  • Formal training programs like SkillsFuture courses
  • Online learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Coursera

    “There are no excuses not to go out and seek your own growth. When you’re a manager, you have to spend time taking moments in your week for personal development,” Nina asserted.

You can check their full interview on Wise & Shine, Episode 83 on Spotify, YouTube, Apple podcast for a 100-day roadmap and prioritising self-awareness and continuous learning, new managers can navigate the transition successfully and build thriving, high-performing teams.

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