Month: September 2021

Using REITs In Retirement Planning And More [Chills 38 with Kenny]

REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) have always been a popular investment choice among many retail investors. How do we incorporate REITs in our retirement planning as well? Can REITs be part of our Covid-19 recovery play? What are some ways to evaluate REITs and what are some global REITs to look out for? Explore the world of REITs with Kenny Loh, REIT specialist and independent financial advisor in this week’s Chills with TFC!

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The Evergrande Crisis [TFC 109]

Evergrande, the second largest property developer in China, is in hot soup. News of its financial trouble erupted recently with people fearing for the worst. What exactly happened that led to the current crisis? How should we understand this piece of news, and are there any opportunities that we can take advantage of? Listen to TFC 109 as we break down the Evergrande crisis for you.

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Technical Or Fundamental? Which Investor Are You? [Chills 37 Sponsored by FUTU]

As individuals, they do not have much impact, but when they unite, they can sway the markets. Retail investor groups are on the rise. With advanced connectivity and knowledge, they band up, making collective decisions that could swing the markets as much as some institutions. What is the future of investments with them in the mix? In this week’s episode of Chills with TFC, we have Gavin Chia, managing director of FUTU SG to discuss the evolution of the investment scene, legacy, investment methods and risks.

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