Month: September 2021

3 Signs You’re Not An Investor Yet [TFC 108]

Gone are the days where one needs to have a huge capital and a wealth of financial knowledge to start investing. With the influx of easy-to-use brokerage and robo-advisory apps, it is so much easier to enter the investment space nowadays. However, that doesn’t mean that you are an investor yet. Find out whether you’re just investing or an actual investor in TFC 108!

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How To Use FOMO To Your Advantage [TFC 107]

Have you ever felt envious that others are having it better than you? Do you doubt yourself, fearing you may be missing out on something? Do you wish that you could just follow whatever it is that others are doing so that you can become like them? If so, you may be having a case of FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Contrary to popular belief, FOMO is more common than you think and it may not be a bad thing after all! In TFC 107, we explore ways to leverage FOMO in your personal finance to your advantage!

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