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We believe perspectives shape a rounder thinker. In this series, we bring on interesting, relevant people to help you learn better from various perspectives. Life is not always about learning from people that you already agree with. 


This podcast

A podcast that aims to help Singaporeans make better financial decisions. The playlist covers topics such as investing, saving, budgeting, entrepreneurship, personal finance and more.

Some of the episodes are “How to invest in REITs”, “How to save money without feeling miserable”, “How to start a side hustle” and “How to plan for retirement”.

The playlist is hosted by Reggie, a self-taught investor and entrepreneur who shares his insights and experiences with his listeners.

I hope this information is helpful for you. If you want to learn more about the playlist or the podcast, you can visit our website and follow us on social media!

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Audience’s Favs

ft. RiceMedia's Founder

Does the high school you come from matter in Singapore? Do people care?

ft. SG Budget Babe

Is taking a pay cut really going to make you happier or could it bring more unpredictable stress into your life? 

ft. Zat, RiceMedia

Should Singaporeans leave for greener pastures elsewhere? If so, When should I leave?

ft. TheWokeSalaryMan

What’s the best way to live through a high inflationary environment without losing our lifestyle?

ft. @KelvinLearnsInvesting

Quiet quitting – making a strong statement about work-life balance or just an excuse to do less? When does it become counterproductive?

ft. Stay-at-Home Dad, Cliff

What drivers someone to becoming a stay home dad and the struggles and sacrifices that come with it. Is it really worthwhile?