Month: December 2020

Ep 68: 3 honest advice starting small business

In episode #68, we share three pieces of advice on starting a business with a small budget. Businesses and side hustles that are successful tend to have some commonalities when they started out. After many interviews with entrepreneurs, we have extracted some of these qualities and boiled them down to three. Tune in to hear as we share these common qualities and advice which will help you to avoid costly mistakes and aid your side hustling journey.

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Ep 67: When do I actually sell my stocks…

In episode #67, Reggie talks about 3 reasons that will make him sell his stocks. Understanding these reasons will help you to better decide when to sell your stocks. You will hear about some fundamental principles of stock picking, their limitations and how you can link these principles to help you decide when and whether you want to sell your stocks.

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Ep 66: 3 Gold Realities you MUST know before investing!

Gold is touted as this safe heaven investment. And for a very long time, it has been a subject of contention across the financial markets. Bulls and Bears battle it out! Even Warren Buffett has entered the space! But does he actually own GOLD? In today’s episode, we will explore: Did Buffett actually break his investment thesis and buy Gold? Are all forms of “Gold Investment” the same? Should there be Gold in our portfolio? Is there real value in Gold today? What is the underlying narrative when buying Gold?

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