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Singapore's first financial literacy podcast. The Financial Coconut

The Financial Coconut

The Financial Coconut is Singapore’s First Financial Literacy Podcast. In our Podcast, we will be debunking financial myths, discovering the best financial practices, discussing financial strategies that fit your unique life.

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Ep 79: Why you should Love Blockchain, not Bitcoin Part 1

In episode #79, Reggie shares 3 reasons why he loves blockchain. If you have been following investing, banking or cryptocurrency in recent years, you would have likely heard the term “blockchain,” the record-keeping technology behind the Bitcoin network. It may seem really complicated. But its core concept is actually quite simple. So, how exactly does it work? Tune in as Reggie establishes some base cases on the future of blockchain. How does it work? What roles can it possibly play in our lives in the future? How he views bitcoin? And should you take part in it?

Ep 78: 3 Types of Investment Strategies: Which Fits You?

In episode #78, we share 3 main types of Investment Strategies. Each of them requires a different level of rigour, skill sets and knowledge. Having a clearer idea of these differences will help you to better choose how you approach investing. And allow it to fit into your unique life.Join us as we help you understand the three major kind of investors out there. What kind of challenges do each of them face? And which one best suits you? What are some basic fundamentals you should sort out before investing?

Ep 77: How to Build your own Investment Portfolio – Part 2

In episode #77, we talk about how to build a portfolio that maximises expected return while minimising risk based on Modern Portfolio Theory. In our previous episodes, we’ve learnt about picking our own stocks, ETFs, REITs and bonds. So now the question is, how do you put all of them together in a way to maximise expected return and minimise risk? Or should you even try to do that? Tune in as we go more in-depth on Modern Portfolio Theory and share how you can allocate assets in your portfolio? What is correlation and how can you use it to build your portfolio? Which asset class should you start with?

Ep 76: How to Build your own Investment Portfolio – Part 1

In episode #76, we talk about how to build a portfolio that maximises expected return while minimising risk based on Modern Portfolio Theory. In our previous episodes, we’ve learnt about picking our own stocks, ETFs, REITs and bonds. So now the question is, how do you put all of them together in a way to maximise expected return and minimise risk? Or should you even try to do that? Tune in as we share some broad ideas Modern Portfolio Theory and give you three questions that will help you form the basis of building your own portfolio.

Ep 75: 3 REIT Themes with the Biggest Potential in 2021

In episode #75, we share 3 REIT themes with huge growth potential. There are many kinds of REIT themes. Mega malls, Hospitals, Data Centres, and whatnot. But with the upcoming urban transformation plans in Singapore and global supply chain shifts, some of them will see a greater growth potential. Join us as we break down the reasons for their growth potential. So you can find out which are the themes that will be more resilient and profitable in the long run.

Ep 74: How to Live a Well-lived, Joyful Life – Designing Your Life Book Review 1

n episode #74, we share a book review on how to better design your life. Creating a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling is not easy. But this book, which originated from one of the most popular elective courses in Stanford, seemed to have found the hack to designing your life.Join us as we talk about this book in Singapore’s context and learn how you can design a better life moving forward. So you can live with less stress, and navigate well even in uncertainty.

Ep 73: Why I “Buy term, invest the rest” NOW!

In episode #73, Reggie makes his stand on the endless battle between Buy Term Invest the Rest and buying Life Insurance! Insurance is a tool and it has become a given in today’s personal finance palette, but the variety drives many crazy. Everyone is telling you their side of the story and today we will too! Join us as we talk about the fundamentals of insurance. Can you still buy term insurance and invest without knowing how to invest? And should you tie your insurance and investment together?

Ep 72: Hacking Budgeting with Multiple Bank Accounts(My Ultimate Strategy!)

In episode #72, we share with you how to hack budgeting with multiple bank acocunts. Budgeting goes beyond a Mathematical formula, the psychological elements and daily habits are rarely factored in. Most of us use only one bank for every purpose. Our savings, investments, expenses all go to that one account. It seems to simplify our finances. But in fact, it complicates it.Tune in as we explore how to use multiple bank accounts for better budgeting and how it can help you better manage your money.

Ep 71: Not SMART but BETTER Goal Setting

In episode #71, we explore 3 fundamental of better goal setting. Goal setting is everywhere in our world. We set goals for our health, our careers, and our lives in general. And there are many different ways to set goals, from ‘SMART’ goals to New Year’s Resolutions. But the question is, how effective are they. And is there a better way to go about setting some real goals that you can actually achieve with a little push? Tune in to hear about how to set themes, goals, and what to focus on after you have set your goals. So that you can increase you chances of reaching your goals while enjoying the process.

Ep 70: 3 Powerful Practices To Review 2020

In episode #70, we share 3 powerful practices to review 2020. So much has happened this year. A special year like this calls for special ways to review the year. Tune in as we share some tips to help you review the year, see the world for what it is, so you can be more centered and prepared for next year.

Ep 69: 3 Precious Things to Pursue for a ‘Richer’ Life

In episode #69, we share 3 things you should pursue to create that life you can love. Optimising your finance is important. But that alone may not be enough to create that life you can love. A life you can love is made up of many other aspects. Join us today as we share about what are some things you should pursue to make your life more fulfilling.

Ep 68: 3 honest advice starting small business

In episode #68, we share three pieces of advice on starting a business with a small budget. Businesses and side hustles that are successful tend to have some commonalities when they started out. After many interviews with entrepreneurs, we have extracted some of these qualities and boiled them down to three. Tune in to hear as we share these common qualities and advice which will help you to avoid costly mistakes and aid your side hustling journey.

Ep 67: When do I actually sell my stocks…

In episode #67, Reggie talks about 3 reasons that will make him sell his stocks. Understanding these reasons will help you to better decide when to sell your stocks. You will hear about some fundamental principles of stock picking, their limitations and how you can link these principles to help you decide when and whether you want to sell your stocks.

Ep 66: 3 Gold Realities you MUST know before investing!

Gold is touted as this safe heaven investment. And for a very long time, it has been a subject of contention across the financial markets. Bulls and Bears battle it out! Even Warren Buffett has entered the space! But does he actually own GOLD? In today’s episode, we will explore: Did Buffett actually break his investment thesis and buy Gold? Are all forms of “Gold Investment” the same? Should there be Gold in our portfolio? Is there real value in Gold today? What is the underlying narrative when buying Gold?

Ep 65: What is next after you have achieved your financial goals? (with Randall Chong, Books Beyond Borders)

In episode #65, we explore what is next after achieving your financial goals.  As we embark on this pursuit of financial progress, sometimes wonder, is this all there is to life? I think we all can agree there is more to life than more money, but how many of us dared to drop our familiar cycles to embark on the path less traveled, starting a social enterprise? Today I am bringing on a very Randall, the founder of Books Beyond Borders as we explore: Is there more to money in the pursuit of life? Does being a social entrepreneur mean that you sacrifice financially? Can social enterprises ever be profitable? How much is enough and where does one get the strength to pivot their whole life? 

Ep 64: 3 Kinds of Financial Advice to be wary of

In episode #64, we share 3 kinds of financial advice to be wary of. In a world where information is always bombarding you, it is important to take extra precaution for certain financial advice. Because following them blindly can potentially be very costly. Tune in today as we explore: Are there absolute truths and “best”? How do we decide which advice works for us? Why we should recognise probability when listening to advice? How to tell if an advice has logical flow?

Ep 63: 2020 US Election Special – How will it affect your Investments and your life?!

We interject the regular episodes to bring you this highly sought after discussion. As more Singaporeans are invested in the US and with close to 50% of all stock market capitalization now in the US, many are wondering what is going to happen going forward! One thing to start, we are assuming a Biden Victory, Republican Senate, and a Dem House which is a super important assumption in our discussion as we explore: Will your portfolio see a direct impact from a change in the presidency? Can the US tide through the economic challenges and pandemic? Do you need to adjust your portfolio now? Will the US stock market crash? Is weed the biggest winner of the US election?

Ep 62: 3 Job Hunting Hard Truths in tough times

Some of us are doing fine, some of us have barely started, and an increasing number of people are struggling with job losses, underemployment, or pay cuts today. Tough times are here and there are some realities about the job market during such periods that we cannot hide from. In today’s episode, we explore: The inflow of talent vs demand. Who are the people job hunting during such times? Should one just take any random job? How can we rise above the markets?

Ep 61: Living on FREE in Singapore, the worlds most expensive city, possible? (with Daniel Tay)

Singapore is consistently one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in and yet there is a thriving community of people here living on FREE! Must Singaporeans work till we drop? Must retirement be a 65-year-old thing? Is there a better way to live? In today’s episode, we explore how a thriving community in Singapore is leading a new way of life, living leanly yet in abundance, as well as the idea of consumerism and how can we can thrive on what others don’t want.

Ep 60: 3 Personal Tips for 1st time Home Renters

Getting your own space for the first time is a nightmare! Where do you even start? Should you get an agent or go directly to the owners? In today’s episode, Reggie will share with you his personal experiences through renting his first property to reduce that anxiety and provide a game plan to roll with.

Ep 59: Singaporeans should live in Malaysia !

In episode #59, we go abroad, challenging the idea that Singapore is the best and only space one should settle down into. Being born and raised here has its perks, but that does not mean the world out there cannot be your playground. Malaysia our neighbor is a great place to start to embrace that excitement of living in another land while having that pseudo familiarity of home. We hope you find inspiration to dare to go out and create that life you love.

Ep 57: Remove these Habits to save $10k a year easily

In episode #57, we give you the ultimate hack to save $10k this year! We all cognitively know about the magical formula of savings, investing, compounding, and Walah happy retirement, BUT day-to-day there are just so many exciting things to participate in that hinders that formula from blossoming. Tune in to get a better understanding of why you practice some of these killer habits that are impeding your growth and how you can work around them to inch you closer to “Financial Freedom”

Ep 56: 3 Basic Qualitative Stock Picking Factors

In episode #56, we will share with you the major qualitative factors that you must examine before determining your investments in the stock market. Investing is not simply a scientific numbers game, understanding who is running the business, how scalable are they, and what are some advantages they have over their competitor competitors can greatly improve your investment returns.

Ep 55: The value of University today you should not discount (with Benjamin Wong, Kinobi)

In episode #55, we are jumping straight into the debate of University today. While many have rightfully pointed out the advent of new innovative ways to learn, the university remains one of the most influential platforms for thinkers of today and tomorrow. Are you a great fit for it? How do you reap the most of your university years? Ben, founder of Kinobi joins us today to crack it all.

Ep 54: 3 REITs Concept to Level up your game

In episode #54, we breakdown the great modern-day investment tool REIT for you. For the longest time ever, only the wealthiest amongst us can own Mega malls, Hospitals, Data Centres, and whatnot. Now we get to share those sexy properties, but is it all a beautiful fairytale? Why would big developers share with us a part of their superstar properties from around the world? Let’s dive deeper into how REITs work, why they exist, and how you can benefit from this!

Ep 53: 3 Reasons “Hype ETFs” fail you

In episode #53, we ride the hype! In our pursuit of profits, many retail investors will jump onto various bandwagons, investing in gaming, cannabis, cleantech, and whatnot. These themes may be here to stay, but does that mean we will definitely profit from it? Every time a “next big theme” arises, an ETF will follow to help us get into the game, but they tend not to do so well right from the get go. Find out why they fail the hype.

Ep 52: Modern Women’s Unique Financial and Social Challenges (with Mistress Class)

In episode #52, we join Marie, Jeannette, and Evenly from MistressClass to explore the unique financial challenges women face today. From pay discrimination in the workplace to household finances to changes in spending habits after becoming a mum, we tackle each one of them through this conversation. We want to give a special shoutout to all our female audience and we hope the guys here learn some insights and grow more empathy for the women in the house.

Ep 51: 3 Healthy “Early Retirement” Tips

In episode #51, FIRE is the goal. The question is how to FIRE, is it all about stashing loads of cash aside, investing well, bringing your expenses down to a point where you do not need to work anymore and “retire”? There must be a better way to go about retiring! There cannot be much joy by “not working”. What do you actually want to achieve through FIRE and how does a beautiful early retirement look like?

Ep 50: 3 Common Diversification Myths/Pitfalls made my many

In episode #50, we challenge the conventional wisdom of diversification. Diversification as an idea is great, allowing us to get a strong investment yield with reduced volatility/fluctuations. BUT there are many scenarios that a retail investor will easily fall into, thinking that they are diversifying, only to find out that they may have probably taken on more risk than they otherwise would have, all in the name of diversification. Let us break it down together.

Ep 49: Singapore Internet Property Strategies Demystified (with Maureen Li)

In episode #49, we are joined by Maureen Li from Abiel real estate investment to breakdown all the “Internet property myths” paddled out there today. Can you really own a property with no money down? Or sell 1 HDB for 2 Condos? Is HDB a real property? Listen to what a property investor think about these strategies and get a hold of some ideas for your own property game plan! We know deep down, you really want to own your first property!

Ep 48: Financial Strategies to be a better Freelancer/Gig worker (with @Samuelgoh)

In episode #48, we are joined with Samuel Goh, one of the most popular wedding photographers in Singapore. Despite having a good flow of jobs and income now, he has gone through tough times and still struggles with anxiety given the unstable nature of free-lancing. We believe many of you guys want to be your own solopreneur or try some side hustles to potentially grow more income, so we have him on to share with us some strategies to create a relatively stable financial situation for himself while he pursues his passion and profession in the creative space.

Ep 47: How I Choose my Personal Finance Managers/Agents

In episode #47, we talk about financial professionals. We focus on how do you smell the real deal from the fluff so that you can find the professional that fits you and meets your goals. DIY honestly is pretty difficult, one cannot do everything and at some point in our lives, we will have to engage a professional to aid us. The Financial Space is filled with noise and shiny things, let’s learn to be better buyers today and stop blaming the seller.

Ep 46: 3 Reasons why I don’t buy Unit Trust

In episode #46, we will dive into the infamous Unit Trust! This tool has been around for a really long time and does not have great vibes amongst retail investors today. The problem with high fees and complex product structures still exist depending on where you get your unit trust from. A tool is a tool but given the current market, there are many more options that share similar traits but are superior! Do you invest in a unit trust? Let me share with you why I do not.

Ep 45: “Everyone should learn to Pick Stocks” (with The Fifth Person)

In episode #45, The Fifth Person (TFP) joins us to propagate their belief in stock picking. Some of us within the TFC team are stock picking enthusiasts ourselves and we love TFP’s work. Learning to pick stocks is a life long skill, even if you do not pursue it, the process of understanding a company from its financials to its strategic moats helps us to be better investors of all tools. Join us as we explore the learning curve of stock picking and finding out if you should pick your own stock today.

Ep 44: Fake News from “Fake Financial Gurus” that does more harm than good

In episode #44, we breakdown common financial advice that is floating around the internet, disturbing our virtual experience. Sniffing out what is accurate and what is fluff packaged as wisdom is a real challenge today. We will break into some of them to show you the system of packaging fake news, we hope you will be more equipped to decipher the real deal after this. In any case, bring your observations to our telegram group to have them vetted!

Ep 43: 3 Mindsets I hold close on my Financial Literacy Learning Journey

In episode #43, we talk about some important mindsets that will empower you on your financial literacy journey. Along the way, many things will happen, many people will want to influence us and new information will enable us. Realistically life is not a linear journey, much like in personal finance! We believe that you must manage your finances alongside your life! So these mindsets will serve as your bedrock on this journey of living the life you love while managing your finances well.

Ep 42: 3 Non-Conventional Good Things to Spend on!

In episode #42, we explore some “good stuff” that you should get! Underlying it all, we are trying to challenge your notion of spending well. What should we spend to create a better life? Too many people emphasize the concept of savings, but we rarely explore the part of being a better spender. Today we give you some interesting ideas to spend on to create a life you love. Not spending =/= a great spender! Let us know if you have other great ideas too!

Ep 41: 3 Things you NEED to be a good Stock Picker

In episode #41, we explore some basics of being a good stock picker. This transcends skills and capital alone, going deep into the core factors that affect your investment choices. The reality is there are many things we cannot control, how do we react in various situations matter and what are some habits that we should have to ride through the stock market? It is true that picking your own stock can potentially make more returns than funds, but are u ready for it?

Ep 40: 3 Hidden Beauty of a Job

In episode #40, we challenge your understanding of a job. There is a disdain out there for working a job, but why so? Have you considered how having a job can empower you in ways beyond the pay? Do you think having a stable income provides you that added advantage for long term planning? When should you quit your job and what are the alternatives? I hope you see things from a holistic viewpoint beyond your unhappiness with various aspects of your current job, there is more than meets the eye.