Starting Your First 100k Portfolio, Here’s How I’ll Do It. [First Dibs 199]

Are you ready to manage your initial $100,000 investment? On this episode of First Dibs, Reggie shares valuable insights for busy individuals seeking better returns and lower costs.
Discover Nico Asset Management, a reputable name in ETF offerings, and their guide to DIY investments using regular savings plans and ETFs. Learn about Reggie’s investment approach, some diversification and getting consistent returns. Tune in to know which ETF is covering large and mid-cap companies in 23 developed nations, and representing about 85% of market capitalization
Reggie also shares tips on investing in China, exploring ETF listed on Nasdaq or Hong Kong – and if opting for the Hong Kong-listed version is more advantageous.
One hot tip: To reduce fees, keep in mind spending ratios and consider managing the portfolio independently.