Month: January 2022

The Rise Of China: How Can We Prepare For It? [TFC 125]

Imagine a world where China takes over the role of the main global superpower. What will it be like? While none of us can predict the future accurately, this scenario is entirely possible given China’s astronomical growth over the years. As global citizens and investors, what can we do to thrive in such a world? Join us as we explore some ways to prepare ourselves should China become the leader of the world.

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Peloton – Riding Beyond Its Pandemic Play [SGO 26]

Do you own a Peloton? The American fitness equipment company has been in the media circuit and it aims to take over your gym membership; they want to be of so much value that you will stick with them and not with your gym membership. However, it has been going around with a lot of supply chain issues. The share price has been tanking so the question is can Peloton sort out its problems and get back to growth stage?  

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TFC Special: A Review of 2021 With Reggie & Rakaesh [Chills 51]

This week’s Chills with TFC is a special one as Reggie (Chief Financial Coconut) and Rakaesh (host of TFC Market Updates in Stock Geekout) come together for the first time to do a review of 2021. Find out how last year has been for them, their honest thoughts & perspectives on major themes like mental health and the phenomenon of the Great Resignation and how they plan to navigate the new year ahead!

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Find Your Why Behind Your New Year Goals [TFC 124]

Happy 2022, Coconuts! As we set our new year resolutions and make plans towards achieving them, have you ever wondered what is the real purpose behind our goals? In the very first TFC episode of the year, we go deeper into our thought processes and find our why behind the new year goals that we set for ourselves so that we have a clearer idea of not just what you want, but why you want it.

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