Month: October 2021

Debunking Financial Myths In Singapore [Chills 40 with SG Explained]

Here at The Financial Coconut, we are on a mission to question, analyse and evaluate financial myths in Singapore. Are Singaporeans badly paid? Should asset appreciation be the main reason to buy a HDB flat? Is it true that CPF is going to take away all our money? These are some of the hot topics concerning life in Singapore but think about it: when was the last time you really questioned if they are true or not? To help debunk these myths with us, we have Rovik & Elliot from SG Explained, an explainer podcast on all things Singaporean!

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Zendesk [SGO 13 – 19 June 2021]

Zendesk [SGO 13 – 19 June 2021] In Episode 13 of Stock Geekout, we geek out on helpdesk software company Zendesk with resident stock geek Thomas Thio. Connect With Us: Like what you heard, you’ll like a few other...

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