Month: August 2021

A High Level Overview of the Chinese Market [Chills 32 with Stashaway]

Investing is not just about stock analysis. Studying the economy as a whole, also known as the macro economic view also plays a critical role in your investment decisions. Does the US-China trade war affect the two countries only? What impact does inflation have on our portfolios and how should we plan for it? In this week’s Chills with TFC, we invited Freddy Lim, CIO of Stashaway to dissect these macro ideas in detail. This is definitely a must listen for those who are not so familiar with macro ideas! 

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SPACs – Ingenious Investment Tool Or Potential Pandora’s Box? [TFC 103]

The recent news about the $1.87 billion SPAC deal with PropertyGuru got many people asking: what exactly is a SPAC? SPACs, or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies are listed companies with the sole purpose of raising capital to buy another company. With a structure like that, should we be seeking investment opportunities in SPACs or should we be wary of them? Find out more about SPACs in TFC 103!

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The Chinese Market 101 [Chills 31 with Thomas & Eugene]

China, China, China… everyone seems to be on its case these days but do you know exactly what is happening with the recent regulations in the Chinese market? Before you cry foul at the government’s “control” of the market, perhaps it will be helpful to gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening on the ground and the relationship between the Chinese government and its economy by listening to this week’s Chills with TFC. We had a lively discussion with Thomas Chua of and Eugene Ng from Vision Capital. They also share their personal insights on other Chinese sectors like tech, financial and construction so this is an episode not to be missed!

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