Month: July 2021

Why DeFi Is The Next Big Thing In Crypto [Chills 26 with Cake Defi]

If someone told you 15 years ago that you could achieve an annual percentage yield of 1000% in your investment, you would probably walk away from this crazy person. However, this actually became reality for some in the DeFi space, also known as decentralized finance. As with cryptocurrency, DeFi is pushing the boundaries on how we think about finance. What exactly is decentralized finance? Why is it making waves among investors? How should we evaluate and decide which DeFi projects to include in our investment portfolio? Dr Julian Hosp from Cake DeFi enlightens us on this exciting space in this week’s Chills with TFC!

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To The Moon With Cryptocurrency! But How? [Chills 25 with Gemini]

Cryptocurrency seems to be the hype and making waves these days with many people gaining crazy returns from their crypto investments. It certainly sounds very exciting but before we pour our life savings into cryptocurrency, we need to ask ourselves some fundamental questions: how should we form our investment strategy when it comes to cryptocurrency, how do I go about investing in it and how do I make money in this space? For this week’s Chills With TFC, we have Eugene Ng from Gemini (one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world) to tell us more!

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