Work From ANYWHERE Should Be The Standard! [Wise and Shine 18 with Zat]

In light of recent events and the growing trend towards remote work, the question of whether work from home should be mandatory is a topic of much debate. While there are certainly benefits to remote work, such as increased flexibility and reduced commuting time, there are also potential downsides, such as decreased social interaction and difficulty separating work and home life.

During the pandemic when most of us were required to work remotely, we’ve come to realize that we dont really need to be in the office 9 hours a day just to get work done. So why isnt work from home a mandatory thing? Why are some companies still putting so much emphasis on being in the office when so much time and money can be saved from allowing some employees to work from home.

Who else but Zat, head of content at RICE media, can give us a scoop on how inefficient and outdated the way ‘traditional’ corporations run, and how can employers and leaders capitalize on remote work.

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