You Can Be Zen About Investing Even In A Volatile Market [TFC 134 with Max & Thomas]

The words ‘zen’ and ‘investing’ are usually not put together, but this is what Max ( & Thomas ( believe in – you can be zen about investing if you have done your homework with the right mindset. In fact, your mindset is even more important than your skillset as an investor! 

In this episode, Max & Thomas share more about the secret to get rich, their interesting take on being a millionaire (fun fact: one of them made his first million before the age of 30) and how you can also learn to be a better investor through Zen Investing Academy, their brand new investing programme!

What sets Zen Investing Academy apart from other investing programmes are the live courses where participants will get the chance to learn the skills needed to analyse a company together with Max & Thomas. The ultimate goal is for participants to acquire these skills so that they can remain calm/zen even in a volatile market instead of making rash decisions based on market sentiments. 

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