Budget 2023: Realisations for Middle-Class Singaporeans [First Dibs 186]

Budget 2023: Realisations for Middle-Class Singaporeans [First Dibs 186]

Many of us live our daily lives without knowing what the government actually does aside from want our tax money. We watch the news and see leaders of other nations making pretty big advancements or decisions for their country and you wonder what your country’s leader is doing for yours. That’s when the yearly budget comes in, a series of changes and new policies made to better the lives of citizens in the country.

It’s been a almost a month since the announcement of Singapore’s Budget 2023, even if you didn’t tune into the announcement live, information covering the budget still constantly pops up on social media, youtube or even on our own TFC socials >.< you should follow our socials btw. So with all the information that the budget has disclosed, you might be a little lost in thick of it all and aren’t sure how the budget announcement affects you personally.

Today’s episode asks the questions “What direction is Singapore heading towards with the budget 2023 announcement?” and “How does the budget 2023 affect the lives of middle class Singaporeans?”

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