3 Investing Tips To Take Advantage Of This Recession [TFC 152]

Recession is often viewed negatively but to many savvy investors, it is actually a great investment opportunity. Have you thought about how to play the market to your advantage yet?

Get some investing inspiration in this episode, especially if this is your first time experiencing a recession. Find out how business cycles work, which industry is currently underappreciated and an alternative asset class you may also want to consider. As always, remember to do your due diligence before making any moves!

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It’s been a almost a month since the announcement of Singapore’s Budget 2023, even if you didn’t tune into the announcement live, information covering the budget still constantly pops up on social media, youtube or even on our own TFC socials >.< you should follow our socials btw. So with all the information that the budget has disclosed, you might be a little lost in thick of it all and aren’t sure how the budget announcement affects you personally. Today’s episode asks the questions “What direction is Singapore heading towards with the budget 2023 announcement?” and “How does the budget 2023 affect the lives of middle class Singaporeans?”

Wealth accumulation can be seriously impeded by Critical Illness [FD 185 Sponsored by FWD Singapore]

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Critical illness is one such fear, it can readily empty our bank accounts. Hence many consider critical illness insurance as a risk management strategy that we just cannot avoid. BUT how do we move away from sob stories and actually think about CI Insurance? Where does it sit in our broader financial plan and how much coverage do we really need? Haven’t we got enough? ><

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It is never too late to start, neither Is it ever too early to realise actually you have just been endlessly accumulating with no goals in mind.

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