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TFC Market Updates is a weekly show where we banter about the news that matters, expanding them to relate to retail stock investors news, with a touch of fun! TFC Investor Network, created by The Financial Coconut, Singapore’s first financial literacy podcast, is for investing enthusiasts who are looking for weekly updates on the stock market and in-depth analysis of individual stocks. Join fellow investors and geek out on stocks with us!


This podcast

A video-cast news discussion rides the wave of the market to bring you information and banter so you can be better informed on matters to make better decisions. The playlist covers topics such as investing, stock, bonds, crypto, REITs, ETFs, country or companies of interest and more.

The playlist is hosted by Anthony and Rakesh, both well versed in investments and are hosting the Market Update Show to bring you delicious bite-sized golden nuggets of updates.

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What Will Happen in 2023? [TFC Market Updates 14]

What Will Happen in 2023? [TFC Market Updates 14]Welcome to TFC Weekly Market Updates! Here's the market news for the week 04:50 - What happened in 2022?26:40 - What will happen in 2023? Disclaimer: The content in TFC Stock Geekout is solely for education and...

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The 3rd Time in 50 Years… [TFC Market Updates 13]

The 3rd Time in 50 Years... [TFC Market Updates 13]Welcome to TFC Weekly Market Updates! Here's the market news for the week: 04:11 - Is Inflation Finally Coming Down?11:59 - China Stocks to Stay On US Exchange?17:21 - The 3rd Time in 50 Years...  For all other links...

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Will ChatGPT Replace Google? [TFC Market Updates 12]

Will ChatGPT Replace Google? [TFC Market Updates 12]Welcome to TFC Weekly Market Updates! Here's the market news for the week: 02:05 - What Do The Latest CPI Numbers Tell Us About The Economy?09:51 - FTC Files Lawsuit To Block Microsoft/Activision Merger18:55 - Will...

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ft. RiceMedia's Founder

Does the high school you come from matter in Singapore? Do people care?

For Happiness or For Money?

Is taking a pay cut really going to make you happier or could it bring more unpredictable stress into your life? 

ft. Zat, RiceMedia

Should Singaporeans leave for greener pastures elsewhere? If so, When should I leave?

ft. TheWokeSalaryMan

What’s the best way to live through a high inflationary environment without losing our lifestyle?

ft. @KelvinLearnsInvesting

Quiet quitting – making a strong statement about work-life balance or just an excuse to do less? When does it become counterproductive?

ft. Stay-at-Home Dad, Cliff

What drivers someone to becoming a stay home dad and the struggles and sacrifices that come with it. Is it really worthwhile?

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