Ringgit Riches: A Guide to Malaysian Real Estate Treasures For Singaporeans [Chills 140 ft. iHerng]

Tune in to our latest podcast episode as Sean, a property enthusiast from Malaysia, and better known as iHerng on social media, shares valuable insights on the exciting world of Malaysian real estate. Discover why many Singaporeans are drawn to Malaysia for a more relaxed lifestyle and explore the diverse property options available beyond the well-known Johor region.

Sean takes us on a journey through the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, the Chinese community’s favourite spot in Penang, and the international-friendly environment of Johor.

Get a sneak peek into the rules and regulations that shape the Malaysian property market, including minimum purchase prices and currency considerations. Uncover the various channels for buying property, from special deals to new launches, and gain expert advice on navigating the purchasing process.

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