Learn Coding (For Free) & Be Guaranteed A Job [Chills 54 with Rocket Academy]

Yes, you read that right. With software engineers in great demand (the world needs 40 million of them right now), learning how to code can be a game changer in your career and the wide array of resources available out there means you can learn coding at your own pace at any time.

We explore the exciting world of software engineering with our guest Kai, CEO of Rocket Academy (https://rocketacademy.co/) which offers online coding courses for adults. Find out what it takes to be a software engineer in this episode and who knows, you might become the next one! (PS. The basic coding course at Rocket Academy is free of charge!) 

The perception of engineering as a technical skill is becoming outdated. According to Kai, software engineers are no longer just problem-solvers. They are also great communicators and team players in the booming tech space. Learning how to code can also be a stepping stone to other areas like AI (Artificial Intelligence), robotics, gaming blockchain, cryptocurrency and more. The opportunities are endless!


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