How Lucrative Is The Property Market In Singapore? [Chills 73 with Maureen Li]

With the skyrocketing property prices in Singapore, can we still make money from the property market? Contrary to popular belief, property investment in Singapore is not a rich man’s game. Play your cards right & you may be able to extract extraordinary yield from your property and gain equity within a short period of time too!

Learn how to be a better player in Singapore’s property game from Maureen Li, seasoned property investor & founder of Abiel Real Estate Fund. With years of investing experience under her belt, Maureen spills the beans on her preferred locations for property investment in Singapore and her honest inputs will give you more clarity on how we can make money off property without over-leveraging. We also analyse popular internet property strategies like “no money down” and “sell HDB, buy 2 private properties” so that you don’t have to. All you need to do now is to listen to Chills 73!

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Chills 73 is a replay from an older episode from TFC’s property podcast Coconut Avenue. Check out Coconut Avenue here: 


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