How TFC Decides What Financial Content To Consume [Chills 75 with TFC]

Today, we are taking our show title seriously as you get to (literally) Chill with TFC. For the very first time, you will get to hear from the team behind TFC! As financial content creators, how do we determine if the financial content we consume is credible and useful to us, especially with the never-ending onslaught of online information?

Joining Andrew on this special Chills episode are Reggie (Chief Financial Coconut), Anthony (co-host of TFC Stock Geekout), Sian (host of TFC mandarin podcast 理财哦椰!) & Meiting (TFC distribution lead). They will share their thoughts on how they discern quality financial content from others that are full of hype but with no substance. Fun fact: this was the reason why TFC started in the first place!


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