How To Adapt & Thrive In The Gig Economy [Chills 50 with Helle]

Are you thinking of shifting into the gig economy? The traditional concept of work where one holds the same job until you retire is no longer the norm. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of the gig economy – freelancers, self-employed people, entrepreneurs and other independent doers. Without the support & resources from companies, how do independent doers in the gig economy find work and structure their time? 

Chills 50 provides everything you need to know about how to adapt & thrive in the gig economy as we hear from Helle Priess, CEO and founder of Doerscircle, a platform that focuses on the needs of independent doers. Get ready for the future of work!

Whether it is by choice or necessity, the gig economy is here to stay. While many in the gig economy are independent and purpose-driven, they tend to spend a significant amount of time on everything that has nothing to do with their core business: invoicing, filing taxes and other admin work. Through Helle’s sharing and advice, listeners will learn what they can do to handle them and other tips that will equip you to be more prepared in the gig economy.


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