How To Achieve 1M65: $1 Million In Your CPF By 65 [Chills 91 with Loo Cheng Chuan]

With an unpredictable stock market in a turbulent world, what can Singaporeans do to ensure that they can continue building up their wealth for retirement and more? 1M65 may be the answer.

1M65 – accumulating $1 million in your CPF accounts by the age of 65 is a popular financial movement that has garnered many followers in Singapore ever since it started in 2015.

In this illuminating episode, you will hear from the founder of the 1M65 movement himself, Mr Loo Cheng Chuan. His candid and relatable sharing of 1M65 and financial planning will definitely pique the interest of any Singaporean who are looking for alternative forms of wealth accumulation!

Want to learn more about what to do with your CPF? Listen to TFC 104 and 146.


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