Is your portfolio ready for any storm?

Have a pile of cash and you’re not sure what or how to invest it?

Financial issues causing you stress and need a plan ASAP?

You may benefit from An All-Weather Investment Program

People who’ve mastered different strategies will create a portfolio to help you weather market volatility. Creating an investment portfolio whose purpose is to perform well under different economic environments, and customise it to suit your individual risk preferences!

Knowledge is wealth, wisdom is treasure, understanding is riches, and ignorance is poverty

We have had a decade long period bull market, what comes next?

We are definitely not in 2021, or even 2022 anymore – the clearest sign that ship has sailed is that not even the latest Consumer Price Inflation data could cause much of a ruckus.

    • The VIX Index—known as the equity market’s fear gauge—has ended above its historical average 94% of trading days
    • The bond market’s analogous MOVE Index has ended above its historical average 87% of trading days
    • The S&P 500 has experienced 61 daily movements greater than 2%, compared to seven in 2021
    • Low liquidity has exacerbated these moves, with top-of-book liquidity (the dollar amount available at the bid-ask spread) printing at $10.7 million, well below the average of $18 million

With increased economic and geopolitical uncertainty, we expect volatility to remain elevated and prone to sudden spikes in 2023 as well as in the next 10 years given the macro backdrop for both traditional and satellite asset classes.

So, what should you do?

Ultimately, the decision of whether to invest or not is a personal one. But by understanding the risks and potential rewards, you can make an informed decision that’s right for you.

The next decade, with more uncertainty and volatility, might not be the same one where you can just DCA into index funds and forget

There is no shortage of debate about what the rest of the decade has in store.


The New Market Cycle May Exhibit More Volatility

Source: SAS Portfolio Strategy/Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Historical risk characteristics (2011-2021) are based on the representative indices’ performance and does not represent performance for any Goldman Sachs product. Alpha and tracking error assumptions reflect Multi-Asset Solutions’ estimates for above-average active managers and are based on a historical study of the net-of-fee results of active management. Strategic long-term assumptions are subject to high levels of uncertainty regarding future economic and market factors that may affect future performance. They are hypothetical indications of a broad range of possible returns. All numbers reflect Multi-Asset Solutions’ strategic assumptions as of September 30, 2022. Past performance does not guarantee future results, which may vary.

Geopolitics might mean US outperformance is not as secure.

Source: Investmentmoats/ S&P 500 vs MSCI World: Comparing Short and Long-Term Performance (2023) are based How the S&P 500 did over one year versus the MSCI World if we roll month by month

More volatility means more potential drawdowns, and stronger emotions.

As an investor, it is important to understand that investment performance is not always linear, or normally distributed. A long term positive average return could hide both big wins and big losses.

How are you preparing for this?

Do you already understand the context the market is in?

Do you know how to tilt your portfolio?

Depending on the market, you might need to be more active, and enter and exit more quickly.

There will be numerous opportunities for different types of investors and we can help equip you to address the investment challenges ahead and be able to build your very own customised all-weather portfolio that can help you reach your financial goals despite any market volatility.

Why should you pick our program?

Most courses overlook your situation and advise you based on generic advice or from anyone else’s experiences but yours – which is not ideal for you.

This program is centred around helping YOU achieve the goals that are right for YOU and your life, whatever the market is doing.

We will walk you through goal setting, portfolio construction, macro, and all the major investing styles, all to create not only an all-weather portfolio but also to give you the skills to tweak these to what you want and maintain and navigate any changes independently after the program.

We want to see you get from where you are to where success looks like for you. This first means that you need to know what you want to achieve, and we will help point you in the right direction as well.

This program has been carefully curated and tediously breaks down complex methods and lessons into pure, easily digestible nuggets of gold.

We want to provide you VALUE and dedicated time from our trainer(s) so this is also a limited-seat program.

Your Instructor



Anthony Ong

Retail Investor, Lead Trainer and Host of The Market Update

Through working, saving, and investing (and some luck!) Anthony crossed the million dollar mark in his early 30s as a retail investor. He continues to do the same three things (with varying levels of focus) as the amounts become larger and success gets closer; and will share the various strategies he has used in this All-Weather Program.

Anthony also hosts TFC Market Updates, and shares his bite sized thoughts on the keys to achieving financial independence at @MinMaxFI on instagram

 This Program Is Hosted By




Reggie Koh

Founder of The Financial Coconut Network

Our very own Chief Financial Coconut, a self-taught investor and entrepreneur who shares his insights and probe topics that should pique your interest! His extraordinary skill to inject humour and rigour into dry topic will bring life and learning is better when it is fun too.

 Insider Secrets That You’ll Discover In This Program…


  • How to grow a portfolio for a peace of mind, even when you don’t have a lot of money & time and you don’t like taking risks that could bankrupt you.

  • How you can do some valuation, even if you are not a techie, math genius or fast-learner.

  • Why you don’t need a second job, or sell a company to be truly financially free.

  • And much more…

Do you know what it Takes to be a knowledgable Investor?

Did you guess doing a CFA Program?

And assuming you’re like us and only the best will do…

These would probably be prices and time commitment you would expect to pay


Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Level I – 70 hours – SGD $4,957

Level II – 66.5 hours – SGD $4,665

evel III – 51 hours – SGD $4,374

(excluding exam fees and the requirement of a Bachelor’s degree)

A CFA would cost you…
$4,957 + $4,665 + $4,374 = $13,996


At a fraction of the time (2-days only) &
9% of the cost (
SGD $1,288)
You can earn back your investment and minimise the “school fees” you pay to the market without actually having to sit through 187 hours of lectures

TFC is making sure this works for you with an ongoing community support and 30-days money-back guarantee if you did not learn anything from this.

The Personal All Weather Portfolio Program is an in depth strategy training-to-execution that has helped Anthony achieve consistent returns in different market conditions while minimising drawdowns.


Join Anthony and work towards learning an actual skill and learning to differentiate between what other people say you should do versus what you actually should really do.


Anthony aimed to achieve financial independence from a young age, and crossed the million dollar mark in his early 30s as a retail investor. He is continuing to work, save and invest (with varying levels of focus) as the amounts become larger and success gets closer.


The same formulas & strategies used can be customised to fit you at your stage of life.


This program is hands-on and comes with individualised attention to show you how it is done, address questions you might have, and how you can bring this analytical skill with you even after you have completed this program.


You will gain…


  • A shortcut to lessons from years of experiences in investing

  • Essentials of how to think about valuation, without needing more than secondary school math

  • An appreciation of how you can tweak your existing investments

  • Skills and strategies to help you adapt no matter what the market is doing


 What you will learn…


  • Reflection & identifying where you are

  • Understanding your mindset and attitude towards money

  • Portfolio construction and Investment style & goals

  • Metrics to evaluate portfolio performance

  • The role macro plays in your investment framework, and understanding market flows and structure 

  • What are growth stocks and how you can identify them

  • How to reverse engineer what the price is about growth

  • Identify and evaluate income generating stocks

  • How to identify value

  • How to meet your cashflow needs and plan for it


You really do not have to be a math genius to join our program as we have broken down complex theories and years of education & experience to help you gain skills in just 2 days.


We stand by our 30-day money back guarantee if we are unable to provide you with any learning during our program (learn more)