$C6L May Be A Great Way To Fly, But Is It Also A Great Investment? [SGO 43 with Willie Keng]

$C6L May Be A Great Way To Fly, But Is It Also A Great Investment? [SGO 43 with Willie Keng]

Despite being a local brand, this company is world-renowned and many regard it as a great way to fly. Can you guess which company we are geeking out on today?

Of course it is our one and only homegrown airline – Singapore Airlines! There has been much interest in Singapore Airlines as an investment, especially after the pandemic. What makes Singapore Airlines stand out in the highly competitive airline industry? Everyone may be revenge traveling now but does that really ensure a smooth post-pandemic recovery for Singapore Airlines? 

Find out what our guest Willie thinks about Singapore Airlines in this episode. Willie is a certified CFA and has worked as an investment advisor previously. He currently runs Dividend Titan, a financial publication for investors who want to grow their wealth safely. Will Singapore Airlines be a safe investment too? Listen to this episode & judge for yourself.

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