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Ever wanted to learn how to analyze companies? While we won’t be giving you the step by step, we will be analyzing some of the most well known companies. Tune in, learn about these companies and learn about the questions you should be asking yourself for any other company you’re interested in!

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Can Home Depot Continue With Its Pandemic Winning Streak? $HD [SGO 33 Sponsored By ProsperUs]

With a total addressable market of US$900 billion, Home Depot is certainly a leader in the home improvement space. In fact, it is the world’s largest home improvement company! It has benefited massively from the pandemic but the story may not be over. Join us as we geek out on Home Depot with Timothy Phillips, the head of content and investment lead at ProsperUs by CGS-CIMB Securities!

Alibaba’s Future In China $BABA [SGO 32 with Chi Keng]

We did a deep dive into Alibaba previously and we are going to look at this company again. Many people love using Alibaba but now, it’s a different story with the PRC government. What’s the general situation in China now? What are Alibaba’s main business units and its potential drivers going ahead?

Protect Yourself This Year With Singapore REITs [SGO 30 with Willie Keng]

We have been banging the drum about getting more defensive in this macro climate and in this episode, we are going to dive deep into one way we can do that: dividend investing and REITs! We will explore why we may want to do it, why the Singapore market is suited for it and what we should & shouldn’t look out for when picking REITs. Our guest today is Willie Keng who is a certified CFA and has worked as an investment advisor before. He currently runs Dividend Titan which aims to build a strong, sustainable portfolio & obtain a passive income stream to sustain retirement.

From Facebook To Meta: Why The Pivot? [SGO 29 with Chris Susanto]

Meta (previously Facebook) has always been in the centre of the news but how much do we actually understand their recent pivot or strategy moving forward? Are they still innovating and if so, do we see this company as a value stock for us to be investing in? Joining us to geek out on this mega tech company is Chris Susanto, founder of

How To Deal With Your Portfolio & Emotions During A Market Crash [SGO 28 with Max Koh]

What is that feeling that makes us sell our stocks immediately and just so afraid we’re going to lose it all? How do we fight it? In SGO 28, we will explore the investor psychology of enduring a market drop by using the stock SEA as a benchmark. Our guest today is Max Koh who crossed his first million at the age of 29 and his background in marketing & public speaking has enabled him to blend psychology with investing. Change the way you think about market drops and become better logical investors with us!

CrowdStrike – Securing Wins In The Market Too? [SGO 27]

Digital security company CrowdStrike has revolutionized the way we do end point digital security with our digital devices. What is their business strategy, where is their business heading and can they continue to grow despite the high share price?

Peloton – Riding Beyond Its Pandemic Play [SGO 26]

Do you own a Peloton? The American fitness equipment company has been in the media circuit and it aims to take over your gym membership; they want to be of so much value that you will stick with them and not with your gym membership. However, it has been going around with a lot of supply chain issues. The share price has been tanking so the question is can Peloton sort out its problems and get back to growth stage?  

Activision – MVP In The Gaming Industry [SGO 25]

Gaming giant Activision has some of the biggest gaming labels under its belt like Call of Duty, Warcraft, StarCraft and Candy Crush. But recently, there are also a lot of new players coming in with crazy labels growing at crazy speed. With the company embroiled in management issues and scandals, can they organize themselves, move beyond these problems and come back to growth?

Wise – Revolutionising Cross Currency Transfer [SGO 24]

Wise is yet another FinTech company giving the big banks a real run for their buck. It does only one thing – international cross currency transfer. While traditional banks charge retail customers and small medium business owners an average of 6% of the whole transaction, Wise is pushing that take rate down to 0.7% or even lower. In fact, their goal as a company is to bring transaction fees down to zero. No cross currency transfer fees, so how are they going to make money?

Illumnia – A Leader In DNA Sequencing | Is $ILMN The Best Biotech Stock? [SGO 23]

One of the big opportunities in biotech is in DNA Sequencing. With this breakthrough technology, researchers are able to identify changes in genes which will give us a better understanding of how our genes work, and ultimately, how we can treat different issues.

Will Illumnia (NASDAQ: ILMN) be one of the leaders in DNA Sequencing? Tune in to this week’s episode to find out!

Visa – The Plumbing For Payments ($V Stock Analysis) [SGO 22]

Visa - The Plumbing For Payments ($V Stock Analysis) [SGO 22]Visa is the largest payment processor in the world, printing money every time you swipe your visa card on anything (whether that's to buy your coffee or to buy your crypto). But with all the new technology...

Razer – A Brand For Gamers… And More? [SGO 21]

With a cult-like following and a brand synonymous with gaming, Razer has come a long way from selling gaming mice. The question now is: can they go beyond gaming as a company or is their brand so strong that they are locked into gaming? Could they have gone even further to entrench themselves to become a bigger platform and technology ecosystem provider?

Shopify – One Stop Shop For E-Commerce Services [SGO 20]

What started as a surfer dude project trying to sell surfboards has come so far to develop into a whole suite of services and software for e-commerce. This e-commerce giant is Shopify and even Amazon has given up trying to compete with them! With its founder Tobi Lütke at its helm, how far can this company go?

Microsoft – More Than Just Word & Excel [SGO 19]

For all of you who think that Microsoft is still doing Office suite only, you need to catch up fast. It also owns one of the largest cloud computing ecosystem Azure and it moved into cloud in a way most giant enterprises will only hope for. With other entities like GitHub, Xbox and LinkedIn under the company, discover how Microsoft strives to stay dominant and relevant within the enterprise client space in this episode.

Netflix – Content Distributor Going Into Gaming [SGO 17]

Following their latest success Squid Game, Netflix has reiterated their ability to use data and consumer trends to milk our attention. With the largest distributor of content in the world entering the gaming space, how far can this company go? 

Explore Netflix’s business model as a whole in this week’s Stock Geekout episode and make the judgment for yourself.

Zendesk [SGO 13 – 19 June 2021]

Zendesk [SGO 13 - 19 June 2021]In Episode 13 of Stock Geekout, we geek out on helpdesk software company Zendesk with resident stock geek Thomas Thio.Connect With Us: Like what you heard, you'll like a few other things we work on. Click here to see what they are.Learn...

ASML [SGO 9 – 24 June 2021]

In Episode 9 of Stock Geekout, we geek out on photolithography manufacturer ASML with Ser Jing from The Good Investors.

Adobe [SGO 8 – 6 April 2021]

In Episode 8 of Stock Geekout, we geek out on computer software company Adobe with Chris Susanto, founder of

Stock Geekout: Sea Limited Part One – Garena [Chills 33 Sponsored By SteadyCompounding]

This is a special TFC Chills x Stock Geekout (SGO) episode as we give you a sneak peek into an upcoming SGO episode! Together with Thomas Chua, founder of, we deep dive into one of the most promising companies in the current market: Sea Limited. This is Part One of the SGO episode where we analyse Garena, its gaming arm and also its cash cow as it produces more than 90% of Sea Limited’s revenue. How is it possible that a mobile game is able to fuel its other businesses – popular e-commerce platform Shopee and FinTech business SeaMoney? What sets Garena apart from its competitors? How should we assess the sustainability of Garena’s business?