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Ever wanted to learn how to analyze companies? While we won’t be giving you the step by step, we will be analyzing some of the most well known companies. Tune in, learn about these companies and learn about the questions you should be asking yourself for any other company you’re interested in!

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Zendesk [SGO 13 – 19 June 2021]

Zendesk [SGO 13 - 19 June 2021]In Episode 13 of Stock Geekout, we geek out on helpdesk software company Zendesk with resident stock geek Thomas Thio.Connect With Us: Like what you heard, you'll like a few other things we work on. Click here to see what they are.Learn...

ASML [SGO 9 – 24 June 2021]

In Episode 9 of Stock Geekout, we geek out on photolithography manufacturer ASML with Ser Jing from The Good Investors.

Adobe [SGO 8 – 6 April 2021]

In Episode 8 of Stock Geekout, we geek out on computer software company Adobe with Chris Susanto, founder of

Stock Geekout: Sea Limited Part One – Garena [Chills 33 Sponsored By SteadyCompounding]

This is a special TFC Chills x Stock Geekout (SGO) episode as we give you a sneak peek into an upcoming SGO episode! Together with Thomas Chua, founder of, we deep dive into one of the most promising companies in the current market: Sea Limited. This is Part One of the SGO episode where we analyse Garena, its gaming arm and also its cash cow as it produces more than 90% of Sea Limited’s revenue. How is it possible that a mobile game is able to fuel its other businesses – popular e-commerce platform Shopee and FinTech business SeaMoney? What sets Garena apart from its competitors? How should we assess the sustainability of Garena’s business?