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Refund Policy

Because we’re confident that you’ll love our programs for us to offer this 30-day money-back guarantee.

We hope you stick around. We really want you to feel empowered to better manage your finances and be part of The Financial Coconut Academy community. But, if you really do need to cancel, we are here to help.

Our Money Back Guarantee is designed to help you while still protecting your money.

If there’s a serious problem and we can’t fix it promptly then we will give you your money back.

Why do we do it?

You bought our Program because you recognised the need or the opportunity to be better with crushing your debt, saving, or investing. We know you have it in you to improve.

We believe in financial awareness. We know our programs work because our trainers/ instructors have proven their work. It simply takes a little commitment and effort to make a significant impact in helping transform your financial future. We stand behind our education and, even if you do want a refund, you are going to leave with little more confidence and understanding about money.

…because everyone deserves financial awareness.

How can we help you out:

  1. The problem must be meaningful and impact your learning. This means that you will be sent home if we can’t fix the problem and we reserve the right to retain our manuals and other materials.

  2. You must tell us about it as soon as you notice the issue so that we have a chance to fix it.

  3. The problem must occur before the course is more than 50% completed. So, if you are on a one day course, this means before the lunch break. If you are on a two-day course before you leave at the end of the first day.

  4. You still don’t see the value? We hope you can tell us the issue with the program so we can find ways to make it better


The guarantee is at our discretion and does not apply in the event that:

  1. You arrive late for the program, for whatever reason.

  2. You have booked yourself on to the wrong program for your level of pre-existing knowledge.

  3. You have not made any inquiries in relation to the level and suitability of the program at least 2 weeks before the program date.

  4. You have particular needs that you have not discussed with us at least 2 weeks before the program started.

  5. We do not believe that you are acting in good faith for any reason.