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Our Entrepreneurshit Show

Our Entrepreneurshit Show(OES) is a series about entrepreneurial life. OES lets you in on the intimate and raw conversations with a wide range of young entrepreneurs. Each episode takes you behind closed doors and into the world of entrepreneurship, where founders share their candid stories on their failures, struggles, successes and their tumultuous life of an entrepreneur.
Tune in to hear candid conversations with entrepreneurs and learn what does it mean to be an entrepreneur.

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Ep 2: His Business Burnt Down In A Day. What Mindsets Got Him Through? – Shafiq from Meka

What would you do if something you have spend years building burn down to the ground suddenly? Would you rage quit? Or fall in the abyss? Or would you put yourself together, take good care of the people around you? Tune in to find out how our guest managed that!

Our guest, Shafiq, is the Co-founder of Meka, a 3D printing and prototyping firm. And he will be sharing how he managed the situation when his factory burnt down. What are his thought process? Why does he continue to do what he do even after facing hardships? What is it in entrepreneurship that he is after? What is his important bedrock of support in his entrepreneurship journey? In this episode, you will also hear what are some qualities he looks out for when finding a business partner. How being a minority in Singapore affected his entrepreneurship experience? And what advice would he give to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Ep 1: How to Pick Yourself Up After 16,000 People Talk You Down – Alex Loh from Aviary & Co

Imagine this. You’ve held series of successful events, build a team, gathered a following, grew a brand. And then, you decided to hold this huge event – a marathon with 16,000 pax – thinking it’s going to hit a home run. But things go the complete opposite. Today, our guest will share his unfiltered experience on just that.

Our guest, Alex, is the founder of Aviary & Co., a solo consultant company in the sports and wellness business space. He was also the co-founder of the now infamous Yolo Run, the one that have a lot of media backlash. And he will share his painful experience in his entrepreneurship journey, some of his lowest moments and how he overcame it.

As someone who has been an employee and an entrepreneur, Alex shares his perspectives on their difference and why he chose to be an entrepreneur. And while people tend to be more risk-averse and less entrepreneurial as they get older, he provided a different view to it. He also shared how he grows his network to fit his entrepreneurial purpose. And what advice would he give to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Coming Soon: Our Entrepreneurshit Show

A preview of the upcoming series from The Financial Coconut. Listen as Reggie guides you through intimate and raw conversations behind what it takes to grow a business. You’ll hear some of highlights from the best juices from the series, where entrepreneurs where they share candid stories on the failures, struggles, successes.