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Master these 3 ‘hidden truths’ to generate returns that your family and friends would be astonished without having to day trade


With The Fifth Person

Here’s A Quick Preview Of What You’ll Learn From This MasterClass With Victor

1. The Origins of The Award-Winning Company Founded By Victor Called The fifth Person

It started off as a way to help people avoid scams but it eventually became a site that won an award the Singapore Exchange for educating the public.

2. The proven investing framework that has made them multiple 100%+ gains

After spending 10 years investing successfully, they have created a proven framework that covers everything they do… from reading the financials, to investing in undervalued stocks. Instead of hiding it for themselves, they’re willing to reveal it for the first time here.

3. A deep dive case study on an investment that made them 102%

They will show us how they used their framework to find a great company at an undervalued price, which netted them 102% in gains.

And much much more

Here Is What People Have Said About Victor

Had the challenge of not knowing where to start, but after attending the workshop I now at least have an idea of where to begin my research and how. The class was straight to the point and they were quality content. Systematic steps were taught that can be applied irl, albeit time consuming if all is done by myself in my own time. Would recommend!
Koh Carin

Excellent workshop, its help to understand more compare by watching online video only. And the case study give me more confidence whats happening on current stock market and how to make decision. Thank you for organizing this workshop.
Soegiarto Kurniawan

I am Glad my Friend invited me to join him to attend this course. I have more confidence to investing stocks now.
Wong Yeong Shun

Deliver good content, gave many study cases to learn their success and fail experiences. Highly recommend to those who started to invest and avoid the mistakes most people made when starting investing.
Lok Chee Cong

The workshop was very informative and easy to follow. Had no prior investment background but I feel prepared to make my first investment now

Nicholas Sim

Good value. Lots of practical advice, especially for new investors with some small knowledge but no real direction.

Seng Yew

Are You Facing These Challenges?


No idea how to invest and where to start

Stuck in a 9 to 5 job that you hate and can’t leave because you have bills to pay

Stressed over the financial issue and living in fear

We Understand…That’s Why Victor Founded His company
The fifth Person

The Fifth Person was founded by five friends at a dim sum restaurant discussing how so many people they know were being scammed by very bad investment advice.

They decided to do something about it and thus The Fifth Person was born.

The Fifth Person believes in spreading a message — that sound investment knowledge, financial literacy, and intelligent money habits can help millions of people around the world achieve financial independence and lead better lives for themselves and their loved ones.

After sharing their message for a few years, they eventually won an award from the Singapore Exchange.

The award recognises the independent investment-related website or financial blog that most empowers investors to make educated decisions with their money.

Why did they win it? Find out in this free class with The Fifth Person!

Find Out What Past Students Are Sharing About The Fifth Person On Seedly

(The largest personal finance forum in Singapore)

Great session to share knowledge on how to build passive income and the areas of watch out in terms of company performance before investing in stocks.
Love the case studies. Pls keep them coming.
Definitely recommend this to my friends / family.

Lynn Ong

Good and practical course to attend. Please attend if you have not attended!!! Both presenters are selfless in sharing their knowledge.
Tan Hsia-Siong

Mr X and Rusmin have managed to turn an intimidating and dry subject matter into an user friendly online course and engaging workshop. As a beginner investor myself, I feel well equipped with the relevant knowledge to begin my investment journey. Will highly recommend this to everyone!
Jaron Chui

Who Is This Interview Session For?

This is especially for you if you want to…

Grow your wealth in the coming years so you can retire and live happily and comfortably.


Have a strong desire to learn the skills and knowledge to invest and win in the markets.

Spend more time with your loved one and family, and most importantly doing things you like.

Get rid of 9 to 5 trap and finally live the life on your own terms.

If any of the above describes you, this exclusive masterclass is perfect for you!

The workshop is easy to understand and make me aware of the current situation for investing. I have gain a few set of techniques on how to select stock.
Samuel Chua

Was apprehensive about joining such courses , but have to say I am thoroughly impressed by Rusmin and (Mr X)! Two thumbs
Up and highly recommended !
Jon Ong

Rusmin and (Mr X) had always been inspiring in those courses that I took for the past years, including the recent one I attended last week. It was beneficial to those keen in investment and also provided an insight on how we can learn and improve in our investing journey. Frankly, I not only benefited the knowledge and skill in these courses, I actually gained financially (In 5 figures) thru those learning by applying in my investment. Such as Breadtalk, DBS, Hang Lung, to name a fews. I would not be able to explore these valuable stocks at the appropriate time for investment, without their analysis provided for our learning and guidance. After the course last week, I subscribed to Pro-dividend machine, which again, it is beneficial to enhance my investment portfolio.
Most important lesson that I gained from these course I attended by Fifth Person is: You have to act upon those learning to realize the dream of investing for our future.

Kudos to you all in fifth person! Look forward to the meet-up soon!

Sng Tiong Yee

Time well spent. Learnt a lot about income investing today. Trainers are knowledgeable and sincere. They genuinely want us to understand. It is possible to achieve a healthy passive income if one is willing to put in the time and effort.

Vinnu Vas

It’s a must attend course for newbie. teaches the fundamentals to investing and lowering your risk.
K.k. Kong

The workshop was very comprehensive and easy to follow even for a newly minted investor. I have definitely learnt a lot and will practice the skills shared!
Kelly Cheng

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