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The Investment Quadrant Program is a proven system that has helped The Fifth Person achieve multiple 2x, 3x and even 4x returns. Join The Fifth Person on this highly praised program and work towards creating the life returns you’ve always dreamt of.

Did you know that The Fifth Person once used this investing framework to help turn around and transform a negative $400,000 stock portfolio into one with over $2 million in profits within just two years?

Today, they are still using this same formula to run our private investment fund and it has already generated more than 6 figures in investment profits over ​the last 5 years…

This formula is also the very foundation of how The Fifth Person’s entire investment research process is built…

In fact,

  • You don’t need any prior experience in investing
  • You don’t need to be a genius in math
  • You don’t need to figure out complicated charts or price patterns
  • You don’t need to sit by your computer and monitor stock prices
  • You don’t need to have a​ lot of money to get started…
  • ​You simply ​follow ​a systemtic formula, and you’ll ​see your portfolio ballooned with winning profits.

So what exactly is this framework?


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Introducing Investment Quadrant

If you want to safely make ​truckloads of money from the stock market, you need to look for companies that are fundamentally strong and growing at speed — ​not companies that have reached their point of saturation.

The Investment Quadrant program will show you how to do that by first eliminating all the possible junk companies or ‘risky’ business​ so that you​r capital is never at risk.

Then, you will be given the blueprint to look and spot ​for potential growth ​in the company​. ​Be​cause ​​when ​the company’s earnings can continue to grow​, ​their share price ​will almost always ​go​ up. ​

You will then ​show learn ​how to buy them at ​the right valuation.

​It’s a term The Fifth Person coined as ‘Value-Growth’.

Yup, stocks ​which are a combination of Value and Growth.

Growth gives you the Gains.

Value provides ​the Safety Net.

​With this formula, The Fifth Person knows, with a high degree of certainty, that these stocks are going to be highly profitable over the long run​, easily ​growing your money in the process.

Meet your Trainer

The Fifth Person on Dividend Investing

The Fifth Person started out with 5 individuals who decided to share their investing experiences after they realized how much bad information there was on the web. Now, almost 10 years later, they are one of the most well respected investment sites in Singapore and have been featured on all the big media companies.

Trainer Credentials

In 2018, The Fifth Person won best independent investment website in the ‘’ category at the inaugural SGX Orb Awards organised by the Singapore Exchange (SGX). The award recognises the independent investment-related website or financial blog that most empowers investors to make educated decisions with their money.

But that’s not all, they are frequent guests on Channel NewsAsia, The Business Times, AsiaOne, Business Insider, NewsLoop, and on national radio on Money FM 89.3 and 938LIVE. The Fifth Person was also featured on the CPF’s lifetime retirement investment scheme video.

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Testimonials on The Fifth Person

“The team were amazing and knows their shit”

I personally really loved the workshop. I would highly recommend this to most beginners who are getting their feet wet into dividend investing or looking to grow your wealth over a long period of time with income stocks.

Kenneth Lou
Co-founder at Seedly

“Worth every single cent I paid”

I first went for Dividend Machines in 2015, followed by Investment Quadrant in 2017. On both occasions, I was a paying student and felt it was worth every single cent I paid. In fact, I honestly think their courses are severely underpriced for the massive value that they provide to all students who attend. My only regret is that I didn’t attend their courses SOONER.

Everyone whom I’ve recommended this course to have only thanked me for it, and I’ll continue recommending this for as long as they continue to deliver because my reputation is on the line when I endorse them, lol.

Rusmin and Victor’s value investing strategy is very much aligned with mine, but they win my respect in terms of how much effort they put into really researching and analysing all their stock picks prior to putting their money in. You’ll learn how to analyse and think for yourself, how to identify the common red flags that many people easily overlook, and REALLY find value gems instead of being lured by the value / dividend traps.

Dawn Fiona
Singapore’s top female personal finance & lifestyle blogger

“The team were amazing and knows their shit”

Fees worth paid… will attend and join again… can’t wait to start! The team were amazing and knows their shit. They share what they have done and appears passionate in sharing their experience to many.

Raha Sulaiman

What You’ll Learn

1. ​The 4-Step Formula To Investing Success

This is the module where all the magic starts. You’ll discover the exact investment formula we use to make (lots of) money from investing. If you think investing only works for geniuses, wait till you’ve gone through this module. You’ll ​probably start ​making 1​2% – 20% annual returns just by following this formula.

2. How To Pick The Best Companies In The World

Everyone wants winning stocks that’ll give them huge returns. This module will show how to ​spot ​companies that can grow and grow​. By the end of this module, you’ll know which companies will give you the lowest risk AND highest potential returns for years and years to come.

3. ​How To Evaluate a Company’s CEO and Management

​​Usually the best investments are the companies that have the best and most talented leadership at its helm. Just like how Apple became the tech behemoth today based on Steve Job’s legendary vision and leadership, you also need to pick companies with a CEO and management team that can lead a company (and its stock price) to greater heights. A management team that is committed to creating value for its customers, shareholders and society at large will almost always lead a business to higher growth, revenue and profits.

We’ll show you how to determine if the management team is on your side or focused on stealing from you.

4. How To Laser-Read Financial Statements Lightning Fast

Are you ​intimidated staring at all those numbers on a financial statement? Fret not! ​In this module, ​we’ll guide you every step of the way on how to “laser-read” a company’s financial statements and ​pick only the numbers that matter. We’ve trimmed and filtered all the excess fat so you don’t have to waste your time poring over every extra detail. In fact, we’ve made everything so simple and straight-to-the-point that ​you’ll pick this skill up almost immediately.

5. How To Accurately Value a Stock ($$$)

Want to know if a stock is undervalued or overpriced? ​Here, We’ll ​show you EXACTLY how to value a stock. ​Once you’ve gone through these modules, you’ll know ​how to accurately calculate the intrinsic value of a company. ​You can’t help but make money when you know ​how much a company is really worth.

6. ​How To Screen For ​​Winning Companies ​Only

If you think it’s going to take luck or opportunity to discover great companies to invest in, this module will come in handy. We’ll show you a simple short-cut to screen the winners from the losers. We’ll show you how to create a shortlist of great companies in 3 simple steps. Saving you tons of time and narrowing your focus on the best possible stocks to profit from.

7. ​​​The Best Time To Buy/Sell a Stock

I would sum this up in three words: Profit, profit, profit. ​​We’ll show you the best times to buy a stock and sell so that ​you can pocket your profits. ​There are many investors out there who make paper gains but have no idea when to cash in. And when the stock price falls back down… they are back to square one. This won’t happen to you by the time you’ve gone through this module. You’ll know when to sell a stock to pocket the maximum returns from your investments.

Testimonials on The Fifth Person’s Teaching Style

“Absolutely worth every penny”

There is a saying “I’d rather hustle 24/7 than slave my life 9/6.”
This is ‘THE’ course if you wanna get your hands dirty towards financial road freedom – one possible way through dividend compound investment.

Instructed with easy-to-follow tips on how one can build their dividend portfolio through tested and proven strategies.

Absolutely worth every penny.
coached from the young financial gurus!!
Highly recommended!!

Mark Lin

“Easy to understand steps”

Rusmin and Victor while being an expert, they were able to distill the information into easy to understand steps for a rookie like me. Now I’m excited to get on the journey to passive income!

Mohamed Norhidayat

“Earlier you start.. earlier you FIRE”

easy to follow steps in identifying gems among the hordes of stocks.. especially for newbie investors. well for someone who’s vested for some time.. it serves as a tool to further hone our skills & knowledge.. both trainers are upfront.. straight to the point which suits my style as well. don’t hesitate.. earlier you start.. earlier you FIRE. Cheers guys!


Note: FIRE = financially independent; retire early

“Paint real picture of the stock market”

The instructors did not portray themselves as know it all, but instead, they share their experience about their success and fails. They also paint a real picture of the stock market, and not glorify it into something that we will surely make money.

Ding Jun He

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1:
Unlimited Lifetime Course Updates

The program is always been updated over the years and you will always have access to the newest updates (even though the future cost of the program will go up because of these updates).

Bonus #2:
Unlimited Lifetime Investment Quadrant All-Access Workshops

Most programs charge thousands for a workshop like this, but not only are you able to join the workshop for free, but you can come back any time!
And just so you know, the Fifth Person tends to cover some strategies and live insights not discussed in the online course and you might even get ideas straight of the bat just from the workshop alone

Bonus #3:
7-Figure Stock Evaluation Flow Charts & Checklists

There are so many things to consider when purchasing any shares. That’s why you will be given this checklist. All you need to do is to follow the process and you’ll know for sure, if the stock is a buy/sell. This way, you’ll know know if a business is a keeper, or if its a ‘no-go’.

Bonus #4:
Exclusive 24/7 Ongoing Members-Only Question & Answer Support

Investing can be overwhelming and lonely. That’s why we created this 24/7 members only Q/A support. You can leave a question in there any time and other members as well as The Fifth Person will help answer it the best they can! We really want you to succeed!

Exclusive Bonus #1:
6 Months Free Access to The Financial Coconut’s Members Backend

In this members backend, you’ll get access to a group of people who are looking for better ways to manage and invest their money. We even have exclusive interviews with successful investors who may also share some investment ideas for you to further explore.

Exclusive Bonus #2:
60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Have you found an investing program that is willing to give you a money-back guarantee? For live workshops, you MIGHT get one day. The Fifth Person is willing to give you 30 days, but we want to take it even further. This is why you’ll get 60 days to try the program and decide if is it right for you.

More Testimonials on The Program

“The workshop reinforced the lessons I learnt “

I am glad that I found dividendmachines to start my dividend investing journey using a systematic way to find solid dividend stocks and reits.
The workshop reinforced the lessons I learnt from the videos and gave me more confidence to start screening for suitable stocks.
Also, the workshop was made lively and entertaining by both Rusmin and Victor.
Have to give it to them to make dividend investing so much more fun.

Francis Choy

“Very practical with no nonsense content”

Very practical with no nonsense content. Diving straight to the point. Unlike other courses who gives 70% of the course time on motivation talks and ego stories.

Helpful trainers who stop and answers all questions. Homework done by fifthperson is impressive

SeedlyUser 83591

“I would recommend the workshop to my friends “

The biggest challenge before I joined the workshop was the myriad of contrasting information in the internet for an inexperienced investor.

What I like the most about the workshop was the approachability of both speakers (though Ky favourite of the two is Rusmin for his stories) 😉

I would recommend the workshop to my friends.

Erika Chan

Don’t Decide Now — Try It For 60 Days Risk Free

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE. GO through the materials for the next 60 days risk-free. Attend the live bonus workshops risk-free. You can decide whether to keep the program. If you’re not over the moon with the content and the team, simply email the team and they’ll be happy to give you a full refund.

Join now to test drive the program today.

Lifetime Access

Join once, own it for life and repeat as often as you want.

Free Upgrades

The Fifth Person is always improving their investment philosophy and as soon as they do, they upgrade the course. Get all new information completely free.

Unlimited All Access Workshops

These workshops can easily cost $1,000+ but not only is it free for you, but you can go as many times as you want. Forever.

Get Investment Quadrant

What You Get:
Investment Quadrant$997 Value
Bonus: Unlimited Lifetime Course Content Updates$1997 Value
Bonus: Unlimited Lifetime Investment Quadrant ‘LIVE’ Workshops$1997 Value
Bonus: 7-Figure Stock Evaluation Flow Charts & Checklists$297 Value
Bonus: Exclusive 24/7 Ongoing Members-Only Question & Answer Support$1997 Value
Bonus: 3 Complete, Step-By-Step Winning Investment Case Studies$497 Value
Bonus: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee$997 Value
Exclusive Bonus: 6 Months Free To The Financial Coconut’s Membership$42 Value
Exclusive Bonus: Additional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee$997 Value

Yours For $497

“The occasional members-only-access webinars are jam packed with useful content “

Joined Dividends Machine as a member since around March last year. It was my first ever paid investment course I had signed up for.

Attended one face to face workshop with the trainers, Rusmin and Victor. Really liked how they are so passionate with their teaching. Got to bring back hardcopy notes with all the ratios, formulas and checklists to look out for. Additionally, there are softcopy notes online as well apart from the videos.

Looking back, I’m glad I signed up for it as it set the foundation for me, and the occasional members-only-access webinars are jam packed with useful content that I look forward to attending!

Jia Min

“Wished I signed up earlier “

It was more than what I expected out of a class. This is the first paid class i did, wished I signed up earlier and not simply just reading blogs. They gave good tips and structured learning skills sets to set you out on your own investment journey. Glad there is such a good team behind this.
The slides could have been better organised, because at times the trainer jumped quite a bit. But this is just a very very small issue.
Thank you very much for the session!

Aneza Rz

“[One] of the most valued for money courses you can find “

[One] of the most valued for money courses you can find now with both online content that you can access however and once a year workshop. I personally come for a refresher after 4 years after I joined their very first session. Very good content for income investing.

Low Kwang Wei

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dividend Machine work?

Dividend Machine is a step-by-step framework for creating passive income through income investing.

The framework is refined over almost a decade of investing experience with The Fifth Person, where they continue to refine their investing strategies to better their returns.

This is the exact same framework that The Fifth Person has used to create a multi-million dollar portfolio that consistently pays out dividends.

This means you have an opportunity to gain the exact same advantages, in a fast, affordable, and easy-to-follow format.

Who should go through Dividend Machine

Anyone and everyone can greatly benefit from creating a source of passive income. You will be especially in this program if you want to:

  • Create additional cash flow that can one day surpass your take home page
  • Have the ability to support family and friends through difficult times
  • Want to leave your corporate job in order to spend your time in a different manner

Do I need any specific knowledge or skill to study this program?

None whatsoever: Dividend Machine gives you everything you need to become a successful income investor. Even if you have never gone through an investing program in your life.

What if I struggle with this program?

Nether The Fifth Person, nor us, want to see you fail at this. That is why you have access to live workshops to see them go through different examples first hand and get real time support. Besides that, you will also have access to both a members only Q/A (to get support from The Fifth Person) and a private Facebook community (to get support from fellow students). If you still feel that this is not working for you, let us know within the first 60 days and we’ll give you a full refund.

Get Dividend Machine

What You Get:
Investment Quadrant$997 Value
Bonus: Unlimited Lifetime Course Content Updates$1997 Value
Bonus: Unlimited Lifetime Investment Quadrant ‘LIVE’ Workshops$1997 Value
Bonus: 7-Figure Stock Evaluation Flow Charts & Checklists$297 Value
Bonus: Exclusive 24/7 Ongoing Members-Only Question & Answer Support$1997 Value
Bonus: 3 Complete, Step-By-Step Winning Investment Case Studies$497 Value
Bonus: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee$997 Value
Exclusive Bonus: 6 Months Free To The Financial Coconut’s Membership$42 Value
Exclusive Bonus: Additional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee$997 Value

Yours For $497